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  • Pull the Pin
  • Pull the pin is a very easy to play and very casual fun breakout game, the game contains a variety of game levels, a variety of colorful balls are placed in the different shapes of the bottle, the player has to do is to open these valves, so that these small balls can quickly fall. Pull the pin is a mobile game that focuses on fun and casual gamepl...
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  • The Room
  • The Room" is a very popular puzzle adventure game, using 3D elements to design the game content and graphics, with a fantasy adventure style to present the game scene screen, designed with a lot of maze adventure elements, a variety of organs and traps, and you can not think of a conspiracy and a variety of models, visually more due to the ...

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  • Stardew Valley
  • Stardew Valley, some players who like classic Japanese RPGs are no stranger to it. It is a single-player development work, which is in the hands of ConcernedApe, although Chucklefish, the author of Star Frontiers, also assisted and is responsible for publishing the work. Back to the game itself, it's an RPG that renders idyllic life and supports up...
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  • MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game
  • The money, the dice, a map of random events, all that things can make many people willing to indulge in it, not as a million dollar account or not to lose all bankruptcy will not stop. Obviously are doing repeated things, but for four or five hours in a row can not be decided; obviously the boy is dying, you live in his hotel for a night he came b...
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  • Destiny Run
  • Destiny Run is a very fun action game, players need to complete the corresponding tasks according to the game tips, the game is rich in content, simple gameplay, players can easily get started, and players can become angels or demons, do something they want to do, there is a lot of fun in the game, go to the game to explore it. Choose your dest...
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