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  • Clash of Clans
  • Clash-of-Clans is a groundbreaking war strategy game, it will be strategic planning and fast-paced combat into one, in peacetime you have to develop their own base, well developed you can send your army to attack the city to seize resources, at the same time you also need to build fortifications to resist the invasion of other players, in short,...

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  • Dancing Race
  • Dancing Race game is a casual game as the theme of the breakthrough parkour up hand game. Continuously come to this map inside and start to collect the map appears high heels, improve their height, so as to successfully avoid obstacles, but each time will consume high heels, players have to eat all the high heels on the road to be able to yo, toget...
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  • THE GAME OF LIFE 2 - More choices, more freedom!
  • THE GAME OF LIFE 2 drives the original version, it’s a classic board game. This is a full no-ads game. Players cannot worry about flashy adverts, in-game currency and pay to win limit. Players can play this game completely for children and adults in a safe environment both online and offline. This game can support more players to play the game on...
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  • The Game of Life 2
  • The Game of Life 2 is a very interesting fun simulation game, you will enter the world of the game to experience a different life, experience the incredible plot story, with the simplest way to complete all the tasks, do not easily reveal their own ability, the game is mainly around the life to continue the simulation theme game, want to make th...

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  • Star Trek Fleet Command
  • Star Trek Fleet Command is a multiplayer war game, which is as Star Trek for the background, created by famous SLG manufacturer Scopely. This game combine the popular Card Drawing System. Let’s recruit a series of classical characters and defeat enemies.

    As for a star base commander at the edge of civilization space, ...

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  • Last Shelter: Survival
  • Last Shelter Survival is a cool and exciting 3D doomsday survival game, cool placement management, exciting wargames duel, recruiting legendary heroes, exciting challenges to try to kill, action duel is waiting for you. Don’t miss a novel adventure journey. The game tells the story of the zombie army invasion, you will play the comma...

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  • Merge Dragons!
  • Merge Dragons! is a group of cute dragons hand game, where you can see a lot of cute little dragons, of course they all have their own attributes, choose your favorite, fire-breathing or water-breathing, but they have one thing in common, is that they are very cute. The game has a unique casual fun, the game players need to raise their own small...

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  • June's Journey: Hidden Objects
  • June's Journey Hidden Objects is a puzzle game of entertainment and leisure. You can find the specified object from a scene within the time limit, this kind of mini-game interspersed with the plot to find things may not be very interesting, but this type of game still has a considerable number of fans you need to find a lot of hidden clues i...

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  • Boss Life 3D
  • Boss Life 3D is a very interesting workplace simulation game, in this game players will play the role of the company boss, management of their own staff, reasonable investment plans, so that their company continues to grow profitably, players interested in this game, come to download experience! Boss life 3D game allows you to experience a wonderf...
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  • Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes
  • StarWarsGalaxyOfHeroes is a role-playing combat game in which players can collect various famous characters from the Star Wars movies to form the strongest Star Wars heroes!

    A Star Wars theme card RPG game, the game is based on the movie of the same name, players in the game is mainly turn-based mode of combat, players also need to collect...

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