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  • Merge Dragons!
  • Merge Dragons! is a group of cute dragons hand game, where you can see a lot of cute little dragons, of course they all have their own attributes, choose your favorite, fire-breathing or water-breathing, but they have one thing in common, is that they are very cute. The game has a unique casual fun, the game players need to raise their own small...

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  • Toy Blast
  • Toy Blast is a fun casual puzzle game with cartoonish, sophisticated graphics and simple gameplay. Players click to eliminate the bricks in the levels, each level has different requirements, the greater the challenge completed in a short time, the higher the score. There are more than 3500 puzzles in the game, which are fun and easy to learn, bu...

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  • Lily’s Garden
  • Lily's Garden is a very fun puzzle game, in which you just take your time to dress up your little garden and make it look beautiful, you can also do tasks to get coins to buy more nice decorations in the mall, in lilys garden we will do it ourselves! Help Lilly restore her aunt's garden to its former glory, you just take your time with t...

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  • Project Makeover
  • Project Makeover is a casual game of elimination and transformation, in which players can go on elimination to unlock various resources to build your home. If you like it, download the game quickly. Project Makeover is a traditional triple elimination combined with dress up, home upgrade and other fashion elements to eliminate the construction ga...
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  • Matchington Mansion
  • Matchington Mansion is a puzzle game by Firecraft Studios with the background of home and yard decoration. In Matchington Mansion adventure, players should unlock the mysterious room, explore the hidden secrets of the manor. Matchington Mansion adds more role-playing and puzzle elements into it, adding many distinctive NPC characters and creating a...
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  • Harry Potter: Puzzles&Spells
  • Harry Potter: Puzzles&Spells is a casual game of elimination, players are able to carry out a variety of triple elimination challenges. You can experience a variety of original movie storylines, there are a superb variety of magic and props, you should adjust the four colleges of rune stones to eliminate and release a variety of magic. In additio...
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  • The Room Three
  • The Room is a classic 3D escape room game by Fireproof Games, bringing players a creative, bizarre journey with beautiful scenes, dangerous traps, mysterious atmosphere and fascinating puzzles. The game's protagonist will wake up in a closed house, and then try every possible way to get out, as the plot deepens, a larger conspiracy will surface. ...
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  • The Room: Old Sins
  • The Room : Old Sins is the fourth sequel to the classic escape room series "The Room", which was produced by Fireproof. On November 19, 2019, The Room : Old Sins was first released on the App Store, and on November 29, 2019, The Room : Old Sins was released on all platforms. In addition to the rich puzzle elements, it also has the Cthulhu theme ...
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  • Scribblenauts Remix
  • Scribblenauts Remix is a creative game developed by 5TH Cell. Game play is to allow players to write any words in English through the pen, and then make the content of the words into objects to solve puzzles and produce a variety of game effects. For example, if players enter "BIKE", and "LION", there will be a bicycle, space ship and lion. You can...
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  • Zen Match
  • Zen Match is a very interesting elimination game, you need to match the same plants, the more you eliminate the higher the score will be. You need to match 3 tiles and there are hundreds of levels in Zen Match, each level takes about 3 minutes to explode. At the same time, it is easy to understand rules and create amazingly deep game play, unique p...
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