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  • True Skate
  • True Skate is an extreme game produced by True Axis, the game's graphics are very outstanding, in the powerful 3D technology, the game scene in detail to deal with the real, and the operation is also like the developer initially promised, very easy to get started, players can easily, like "360flip "Smash", "kickflip" and other skateboarding cool tr...
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  • Make 'Em
  • Make Em game is very simple, no pressure and skill, just need to move your fingers to operate, through the control of the puppet to play the game content, players need to control the game of the puppet to play, you control the puppet through the control of the puppet to control the puppet in the game's action, to complete the game content wi...

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  • Fidget Toys Trading: Pop It Game
  • Fidget Toys Trading is a fun casual making game that provides a lot of tools and materials for players to make their own toys with their imagination.

    The game teaches you how to make handmade gifts. They give you a very detailed tutorial that you need to complete through your own understanding and observation.

    You can add your favori...

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