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Updated : September 23, 2021

Version :1.5.38


Developer : True Axis


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Edit Notes

The official Street League Skateboarding mobile game.

The ultimate skateboarding sim.

Note: True Skate only comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase. See below.

- Realistic touch based physics that give an authentic skateboarding experience.
- Deck wear. Scuff up your Deck.
- Drag your finger on the ground to push.
- A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (Additional skate parks are available as an In-App Purchase)
- Slow motion.
- Rewind
- User challenges
- Replay viewer
- Global leaderboards.

DEveloper Notes

True Skate is realistically designed skateboard simulation and the most authentic skateboarding game on iOS or any other platforms. There’s a $1.99 entry fee to skate this park, which isn’t aggressive if you’re an enthusiastic skater dying for a decent way to practice tricks on your mobile devices. The excellent gameplay, letting you use precise touch-screen controls to pull off complex tricks as you explore a 3D skate park. The physics and tricks in True Skate are solid and genuine. However, missions can be insanely frustrating. It’s truly challenging to maintain a straight course that mirrors any outlined path. You’re reminded that real life skateboarding is pretty hard. The 3D graphics are awesome with realistic-looking obstacles, multiple light sources, and natural-looking shadows. The sounds are great as well, with sounds for every kick to go faster across the pavement and the tell-tale high-pitched grinding noise as you slide down a metal rail. There are no buttons in the control system for True Skate. You'll need to swipe next to the board to kick up to speed, then touch and drag to a side to make the board turn. You can perform tricks by flicking at different parts of the board depending on what you want to do. True Skate is more of a sandbox toy which has tons of rails, a large bowl, and even a half pipe in the park. You can skate around and perform tricks as you explore this well-designed skatepark doing whatever you feel like. The physics engine and controls are strong enough that even a skateboarding beginner will be busting out cool tricks with ease once they grasp the mechanics. The game has a 3rd-person behind-the-board camera angle. Gamers can see where they want to go and what objects they want to hit up. It feels like the whole park is at your fingertips. It’s a very liberating feeling, playing True Skate. As good as it sounds the game lacks of depth and shallow replay value. There’s only a single skate park and no board customizations which doesn’t inspire much replay-ability. Lack of a replay system means you need to use the rewind button to watch your trick backward. Some people hope the developers will add another (or more) park in the future for a more varied experience. As is, the game is plenty fun, but you will get sick of the same old area every time you play. Another suggestion for the developers, since there is a handful of missions to complete in the game, and most of them feel like tutorials to help you get in tune with the gameplay. A much more robust mission system would be welcome for those that like their games to have specific goals to complete, and it sounds like that’s something that will eventually be expanded upon in the future. The verdict: If you like skateboarding, True Skate has excellent controls and beautiful 3D graphics, and it offers a lot of fun with some practice as you try to land the perfect trick. ©Copyright by 2ugame Do not Reproduce.

How to play

Real Skateboarding Tips Part 1: Forward and Turning Mimicking the movement of the feet, forward is not a forward stroke, but a backward slide next to the board. In addition, "stepping" on the middle side of the skateboard is a turn, mainly to have a slight paddle, manipulate the skateboard to change direction. How to play True Skate Part 2: Jumping and landing The jumping action is to "step" on the rear part of the skateboard, I believe that friends who have played skateboarding will not be unfamiliar. In addition, always pay attention to the "step" skateboard in front of the landing, do a lot of action to remember to land, otherwise it is easy to "flip". Real skateboard strategy part 3: backwards board Pop Shove-it Backward board is not backward oh, is a person and skateboard together jump into the air, let the skateboard to a big rotation. There are two ways, one is to "step" directly behind the first jump, and then slide the front section of the skateboard rotate around. The second is directly diagonal "step" skateboard back end, to use a little sliding action. True Skate how to play the fourth part: Kick Flip & Heel Flip The two moves are to jump up first and then make the skateboard "self-turn" a circle, the left direction is Kick Flip, the right direction is Heel Flip. in the game is only the direction of the difference, but in reality there is a big difference! Real skateboard strategy part 5: gear flip Hard Flip This is quite dangerous and difficult action, in fact, is a combination of Pop Shove-it and Kick Flip, but here the Kick Flip is not to the left direction of self rotation but to the right, the specific why you imagine the reality of the situation. True Skate how to play the sixth part: Heel flip And Hard Flip is very similar, but the direction of rotation reversed, into the left flip action, in fact, is a combination of Pop Shove-it and Heel Flip. Real Skateboarding Tips Part 7: Rail Slide In fact, the trick is to use the Pop Shove-it jump on the track, and then "step" on the front part of the board has been sliding, and finally jump down.

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