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Updated : October 19,2021

Version :1.01


Developer : Raw Fury

Edit Notes
This is a simple and fun simulation game to build an island town floating on the sea. You can choose colors from a palette and click on the map to automatically create small houses, arches, stairs, bridges, tree-lined backyards and more. With numerous buildings, it is easy to build small villages, cathedrals or cities that stretch into the sky, with beautiful streets that have no end and no limits. The game has instant town building fun gameplay, it can be used to build winding streets of ancient towns, small villages, towering churches, interlocking canals, or sky pavilions piece by piece. The graphics of this game is a fresh style, the game provides several building color scheme which also looks very comfortable. Players in this game can generate different buildings through different building operations, and all this requires only one hand. The game itself is also easy to understand - just build something beautiful. There is no story, no content to unlock, no levels to break - just the soothing sound of throwing colored cubes and the satisfaction of watching the algorithm easily connect them to create a water town.


Developer Notes
Townscaper is a town-building simulation game produced and published by Oskar Stålberg, in this game there is no goal, your task is to follow your own ideas, using the many features provided to you to build the perfect town in your mind, the unique algorithm behind the game will be based on your placement to change the different architectural styles, until it fits your desire. Townscaper is an experimental project. We can pick up colors from a palette, choose a house color block to put in an irregular grid, and watch how underlying algorithm automatically turns those blocks into cute little houses, arches, staircases, bridges, and lush backyards based on different configurations. It can be used to build old towns with winding streets, tiny villages, towering churches, intersecting canals, or sky-scrapers. Like building blocks, you can build your own city in the sea. The layout of the town can be any style you want, whether it's a tall building or an ordinary bungalow, it's up to us. This is a completely free world, you will build a city of your own from scratch, you decide the distribution of the city, the height of each house and the color of each house, come to build your dream town. The game is very simple, the player will face a piece of empty water, just keep clicking the left mouse button, you can build a town on this water in a grid-like square, click once to appear a building unit, if the location of the click on the water or the water's edge, there will be the colorful brick paved ground. If you click on the outside wall and roof of existing buildings, or on the floor tiles If you click on the exterior wall or roof of an existing building, or on the floor tiles, a new building will appear. The roof is the common "human" shape when the number of buildings is small, and then it will become a flat roof in the style of residential buildings. If you leave a space between two houses, the system will automatically generate a zigzag staircase; and as long as the distance between two flat-roofed houses above 2 stories is close enough, it will even generate some clotheslines to link the windows of the two houses; if you build the house in the shape of a "back", the open space in the middle will automatically become a lawn; if you stack the top of a single house upwards, the top will become a spire. Game features: 1. There is no goal, there is no real game play. There are only countless builds and countless beauties. Townscaper is an experimental project. Rather than a game it's actually more like a toy. We can pick up colors from the palette. 2.Choose a house color block in an irregular grid, and then see how the underlying algorithm automatically turns these color blocks into cute little houses, arches, stairs, bridges and lush backyards according to different configurations. 3.Unlike traditional construction games, this work is not complicated optional parts, such as doors, windows, railings, ladders these, based on the game's unique algorithm, the player only need to easily click, he will be able to get a beautiful building. Game highlights: 1.The screen is a fresh style, the game provides several building color scheme which also looks very comfortable. 2.Players in this game can generate different buildings through different building operations, and all this only requires a mouse. 3.These automatically generated building structure is very reasonable, with doors and windows and other components, the lower house will generate small steps, the higher house will also be thoughtful to generate climbing ladders, and even the building built in the air will also have a load-bearing bracket support. 4.The game of these buildings are generated instantly, silky and smooth, without the slightest delay, where you can enjoy the release of their creativity. Game advantages: 1.Built buildings will also attract pigeons to stop by. 2.Sound effects and graphics complement each other, the overall style is fresh and healing, players do not need a rich imagination and creativity can easily build a beautiful building. 3.Every operation of the player is accompanied by beautiful sound effects, the poof sound when building on the water, the poof sound when building solid blocks, or when demolishing the building, the sound of debris falling down on the water are very pleasant and even a little cute. 4.The game provides a very practical undo and redo function, players accidentally clicked the wrong or want to return to a state before undo is a good choice.
How to play
In the game, players can operate through the mouse, through the mouse for perspective switching, through the keyboard for the operation of the square, for the movement of the square and so on, master the shortcut keys can improve the efficiency of the player's game. Use the pentagram and hexagram on the grid to build houses and pools. Trigger hooks, trigger stairs and small gardens, stairs coastal apart can be triggered, you should close the small gardens. Hollow out rows of houses on the ground, you can reduce the door on both sides, increase the plants and benches on both sides. Using the open space in the shape of a pentagram, you can trigger the small round table, and the hexagram can not be triggered. Irregular structure will not be easy to trigger the roof, the trigger of the cute round table is completely probable event, undo and then rebuild will even disappear again. Different color matching can trigger the fence in the yard, there will also be white butterflies, and the roof at the intersection will have a small spike. Left-click to build, right-click to remove the already built squares, try several combinations, there will be unexpected surprises. In addition to the building cubes, a variety of decorative elements are also very stunning, all automatically generated is very reasonable. There will be bonsai, benches and mailboxes in front of the houses on the street, vertical ladders that go straight to the water in the houses by the sea, arches or platforms in the air, and telescopes for distant views on the platforms if they are high enough. If you hollow out the middle of a wide and thick building, then there must be doors at both ends of your hollowed-out location to ensure that the little people living inside can get out to see the view. There will be a lot of pigeons / seagulls on the roof to stay, you build when these little guys are quietly watching you work, a sense of quietness. When you enclose an open space with the house, the inside of the space will be covered with turf, and there are white flowers on the turf.

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