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Toca Boo


Updated : March 2, 2021

Version :2.0


Developer : Toca Boca

Edit Notes
Toca Boo is a spoof ghost scare game in which the player's role is to pretend to be a ghost, through the various rooms in the family to complete the scare of family members, during which you need to hide in a place invisible to the members, and inadvertently come out to scare them, whenever successfully completed, the various reactions among family members, you can be honored with a sense of accomplishment! The game's unique graphics style makes the game suitable for both young and old, without any sense of incongruity and horrible behavior. In addition, the game has a variety of different themed rooms for players to convert to use, in each room there will be a certain amount of hidden space. At Toca Boo, we believe in the power of play to stimulate children's imagination and help them understand the world. We design games from the child's perspective, allowing them to be funny and playful, to be creative, and to become what they want to be.


Developer Notes
Toca Boo is a casual puzzle game. In the game, players control the little monster floating around the house, looking for the family. Hide under the table, hide behind the curtains, or get under the duvet. Search each room, but avoid the light or you'll be discovered. Make clicking noises, knock over the kettle and creep them out! Can you hear their heartbeat? Great, it's time to scare them! Toca Boo is a game with horror elements, the game is also known as Scare Hut, with the theme of spoof pretend ghost scare game, with a variety of plays, the game sets different characters pretend ghost, players need to complete the members of the building in different rooms to scare, during which you need to operate the character to hide in a place where the members can not see, and inadvertently go out to scare them, in the game to hide themselves and scare other people, set a lot of fun prank plays, you need to be ready to scare people at all times. The game has a lot of different items for players to hide and interact. Game features 1.There are six different families in the game, and there are all kinds of interesting surprises hidden in the game. 2.You need to get different items and props to make additions in the game and get more panic. 3.Find different objects in the game's house, with beautiful original art graphics. 4.The game's no-rules setting makes the gameplay very free and players are able to perform stress-free challenges. 5.The game has no limit to the pace of the game and it has a very user-friendly interface design. Game highlights 1.Big house, explore 2 floors and 6 rooms! 2. 6 family members to scare. 3. Hidden surprises around the house. 4. Get bigger scares by eating! 5. Interact with objects in the house. 6. Beautiful original artwork. 7. No rules or pressure for no limit races. 8. Kid-friendly interface. 9. No third party ads. 10.No in-app purchases.
How to play
- Explore the darkness, exercise your mind and reflexes, and test your courage with endless joy. - Collect props, use them in time, face difficulties without fear, discover solutions and change everything. - Click to operate, a variety of God unfolded beyond your expectations, relax yourself and enjoy the joy of the game.

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