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Ticket to Ride


Updated : February 8, 2021

Version :2.7.11


Developer : Asmodee Digital

Edit Notes
Connect with more cities! Set out with your friends and family to re-discover Ticket to Ride. In this railroad adventure, you need to connect your cities and reach your destination as fast as possible. In this strategy game for all ages, you should try different tactics to stop your competitors' lines and take over the route before anyone else does. There are so many different strategies to try that each new game is a unique experience. Ticket to Ride is the official port of Days of Wonder's best-selling railroad simulation tabletop game that is easy to learn but hard to master. Seventy million games have been played online, with an average game starting every four seconds! In addition to the cross-platform instant multiplayer mode, players can enjoy an easy-to-understand user interface, share exciting moments with social media support features, and experience a brand new map.


Developer Notes
Ticket to Ride is a very interesting strategy board game. It is easy to play, but also requires some strategy. It will take the player on a brand new train to start an adventure in Europe. The game allows you to travel the whole Europe from Edinburgh to Constantinople or from Lisbon to Moscow. Different extended versions of Ticket to Ride will also give players a different game experience. Players will also encounter some obstacles in the game, if their railroad plans are targeted by saboteurs, then the task will be difficult to complete, which increases the fun of the game. If you are interested in Ticket to Ride, come and try it! Game features 1.Connect cities and get your 6 tickets! You should collect train cards, mark the route on the map and try to connect the cities shown on the tickets. Each player starts with four colored cards and two tickets. Each ticket has two cities on it, and the goal is to connect those two cities to your train to complete the ticket. At the turn, you either draw two train cards from the deck or discard the matching color train card to get a route between the two cities. Once you complete a route, you are given a new route. 2. Enjoy an immersive journey Have fun with the original illustrations and fun animations as you connect the cities. Learn more about the different cities and their landmarks. Share this adventure and play together with 4 players on the same device. Get an exclusive bonus of a city picture when you win the game and add your bonus picture to your collection. Challenge yourself to play with AI or with your friends in this digital adaptation. Game advantages 1.Graphics style The game's graphics style is sharp and bright, with a light nostalgic style and a wide map. 2.Sound The game's action sound effects sound very real and comfortable. 3.Gameplay The game method of "Ticket to Ride" is quite simple and approachable, the game accessories are train tickets, trains, city task cards and North America map. In the beginning, each player firstly left with the city task cards, the player collect different colors of train tickets, use these train tickets on the map cover up a section of the train link city, so as to complete the city tasks. The more task cards you complete, the longer the railroad train you build, and the player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner. 4. Creativity This is indeed a fairly simple game to start, if you want to stand out in the game to become the winner, you need to use some strategy to lay the foundation of the game victory, there are several railroads on the map which is a fairly important strategic position.
How to play
1. Play with family and friends on the same device via game mode (up to 4 players). 2. Unlock bonuses and build your city picture collection. 3. Successfully connect your own route card on a complete train route between two cities. 4. Connect your own route continuously for the longest time to win the Euro Rush Bonus Card. 5. Rediscover the famous airline tickets and this simplified version of the board game.

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