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The Room Three


Updated : May 18, 2020

Version :1.06


Developer : Fireproof Games

Edit Notes
The Room is a classic 3D escape room game by Fireproof Games, bringing players a creative, bizarre journey with beautiful scenes, dangerous traps, mysterious atmosphere and fascinating puzzles. The game's protagonist will wake up in a closed house, and then try every possible way to get out, as the plot deepens, a larger conspiracy will surface. The Room Three is the classic escape room series of games "The Room". The game has been recommended by the App Store several times around the world. The biggest feature of this game is the introduction of multiple endings game mode, after the first time passing the level, surprisingly there are three other endings waiting to be explored. In terms of plot, "The Room 3" is connected to the previous game, you enter a mysterious room through a speeding train, and only by solving the many puzzles set by the "craftsman" can you have a chance to escape. As a puzzle game, the multi-room design of the game is unique. Each room will be sealed after the puzzle is solved. And the player will open more rooms in the process of playing. At the same time, the player will be the first perspective through the room covered with all kinds of sophisticated organs, realistic 3D scene props, realistic light and shadow effects, with a fascinating main plot and full of mysterious music atmosphere. Because of the unique design of the room, the player will not waste a lot of time in finding the way to use the props. At the same time its puzzles are a little difficult, but not reducing the fun of the game itself to solve the puzzle. The design of multiple endings will allow players to play several times. While playing the game to discover more different endings and explore the full truth of the game.


Developer Notes
Game description The Room Three is the latest in the series of puzzle escape games "The Room", produced by Fireproof Games. The Room Three is confirmed to land on the PC platform, players who like brain-burning games can not miss The Room Three. Game background The Room has won the Apple Game of the Year 2012 and BAFTA British Academy Film Awards and other awards, the game uses touch screen, gyroscope and other operating functions, allowing players to experience the fun of escape puzzle. The third game in the series, "The Room Three", has been released on iOS and Android platforms. Game features The Room Three continues the series' usual beautiful 3D model and interlocking puzzle design. However, unlike its predecessors, this game is the first to include a multiple ending mode, and in the level it requires the player to repeatedly travel through the rooms that have been cleared to find new clues. In addition, in the plot of this game, you will need to play a mysterious man "craftsman" to guide to a remote island to find the clues to solve the mystery. Game advantages 1.Incredible mechanical design Every detail and design is cleverly conceived, presenting the beauty and charm of mechanical device art in all aspects. 2.The ultimate touch screen experience The use of props and interaction logic sense has been strengthened, simple operation has never been so surprising. 3.Immersive game immersion experience You will be the first point of view through the room covered with all kinds of sophisticated organs, realistic 3D modeling technology, realistic light and shadow effects, with a fascinating main plot and full of mysterious music atmosphere. Game highlights 1.The game uses 3D graphics style, making the scene and items look more realistic. 2.The light and shadow effects are very real. 3.The game play is simple, the player needs to find the correct answer, the player will have a surprise after the success of solving the mystery! Game review Compared with its predecessor, The Room Three is a pioneering game in terms of plot, introducing multiple endings, different ways to crack the plot will have a different direction.The Room Three is also the best of its kind, emphasizing the linkage and combination of clues. For puzzle mode, The Room Three breaks the traditional puzzle game single level settings. In addition, all mechanical organs and scenes in the game are high precision 3D modeling, the visual effect is very realistic, the overall tone of the game is gray and low, the world outside the window is always foggy.
How to play
1.In The Room Three, you should learn how to operate, you can also slide to shrink the object, there is a question mark on the page, you can find the key clues to the answer. 2.Now let’s find the clues, you need double-click the log on the desktop, and then slide to open the log. 3.Double-click to view the suitcase, you can find a key on top of the suitcase, then pick up the key. 4.Double-click the suitcase, and then slide the latch to unlock the suitcase. 5.Open the luggage, there are hidden compartments inside. 6.Double-click the luggage, pick up a goggle and click to put on the goggle. 7.Put on the goggles, double-click the suitcase on the desktop and then you can see the scattered grid, then go to put together the grid. 8.Then select the key, you can directly open the box on the desktop, finally you will go to the next level to continue to look for clues.

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