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The Room: Old Sins


Updated : April 27, 2020

Version :1.0.2


Developer : Fireproof Games

Edit Notes
The Room : Old Sins is the fourth sequel to the classic escape room series "The Room", which was produced by Fireproof. On November 19, 2019, The Room : Old Sins was first released on the App Store, and on November 29, 2019, The Room : Old Sins was released on all platforms. In addition to the rich puzzle elements, it also has the Cthulhu theme and eerie tone. The silent dim room, the black tentacles hidden in the depths, the strange disappearances, along with the ethereal and eerie background sound effects slowly unfold in front of the players. The Room: Old Sins will revolve around a case of disappearance. In the upper class society, engineer and his wife suddenly disappeared. The player takes over the case and goes to the attic where they lived to find clues to solve the case. You will see strange rooms full of toy dolls, and spooky laboratories and so on. Please do not miss any details, looking for clues to unravel the truth of everything. The game's puzzles are very subtle, interlocking, and will greatly test the player's logical reasoning ability.


Developer Notes
The Room: Old Sins is a casual adventure puzzle game. In the game, players can experience the classic puzzle adventure world, open their own legendary adventure. I believe that many players will be very much like The Room: Old Sins, hurry to experience it! Game features 1.Operating system The Room: Old Sins is a special game for the mobile platform, the maximum use of cell phone physics and touch screen operation characteristics, the "click", "slide", "gravity sensor "and other behaviors and the game cabinet pulling open, box dragging and password table rotation and other operations cleverly linked. The use of props and the sense of interactive logic are enhanced, and simple operation has never been so surprising. 2.Sound and picture system Players will travel through the room full of various delicate organs from the first perspective. The realistic 3D modeling technology, realistic light and shadow effects, together with the fascinating main plot and the music atmosphere full of mystery, make players feel like they are in a real maze room. 3.Plot System In addition to the rich puzzle elements, the game's storyline is also intertwined. Silent and dark rooms, obscure puzzle clues, mysterious disappearances, along with the cracking of one organ after another, the player is about to experience a slightly frightening light adventure. Game highlights 1.Enter the game and start the escape room, but it will be more difficult. 2.In the room, you should observe and look for things that can be used, and finally you have to find a way to leave. 3.All the levels are the more difficult to get to the back, which is a test of the player's logical thinking skills. Game review As for the difficulty of the game, compared to the first three games, The Room: Old Sins in order to attract newcomers, greatly reduced the difficulty of the game. The most classic prop of the Labyrinth series, the goggles, continue to appear in the fourth game, the player can find hidden clues through the goggles. The Room: Old Sins is not to be missed by those who prefer to solve puzzles, not only for the puzzle elements, but also for the horrific sound effects and plot.
How to play
1.There are many hidden corners in the scene, you must be carefully observed, there may be small props in it. 2.Good thinking skills and careful observation are very important, the combination of clues or props to solve the puzzle. 3.The operation is also very simple everyone can easily get started.

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