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The Grand Mafia


Updated : November 19, 2021

Version :1.0.320


Developer : YottaGame

Edit Notes
The Grand Mafia is a real-time battle strategy game in which you play the role of a mob boss, you will build your own gang, and then recruit a variety of like-minded people to build a more powerful armed forces, to seize the most critical points in the game. The game is a very good game, you can also invest in various entertainment venues, such as cinemas or casinos and so on, so that we can go in the game to get income, after the income can be better to compete with rivals, this is definitely a very good game. The player will play the role of the new generation of family members Dominic, as the main character of the previous game Aldo Trapani, but unfortunately, Aldo in the beginning of the second generation of a tragic death, so Dominic was named to take over the management of New York's heavy responsibility, and to expand the business to Miami and Cuba. The Corleone family characters that appeared in the previous game will also appear in this game. In the previous game, although the player can work from the mafia family's minions all the way to the position of the boss, but everything has to do personally. The game finally introduces a new system, "your point of view" allows players to organize their own family, command and control their men, and to take a strategic point of view to control their business and territory. Game advantages: 1.You can go to operate and invest in various projects, which includes casinos, so that you can gain revenue. 2.Strengthen their armed forces, to create the most powerful gang. 3.Through a variety of strategies and skills in the game to occupy a variety of key positions. Game features: 1.You will be here to become the most powerful gangster gangs, and a variety of interesting battles for you to experience. 2.You can recruit a variety of powerful heroes to become your help, but also to make friends with global players to become your allies. 3.Join the gang alliance to experience the exciting and thrilling gang battles, but also to access to the center of power to obtain higher power.


Developer Notes
The Grand Mafia is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game As a great leader in the world of the mob, you will build your own gang, recruit great men from all over the world, build a powerful armed force, use a variety of strategies to defeat your enemies, expand your sphere of influence, work together with hundreds of gangs, and finally take over the supreme power of the city and even the country. You will enter the world of gangsters and become a great leader, where you can build your own gang, recruit powerful men to help you fight, and run your own industry to build a stronger armed force, use your own strategy to fight and defeat your opponents to occupy more The game is a combination of real-life scenery and the ability to play the game. This game is a combination of real-life creation, to restore a unique crime city for players to experience the most realistic gangster confrontation. You can build up your strength to challenge gangsters from all over the world or make alliances with like-minded friends. By recruiting a variety of heroes with different abilities to help you fight, so that you can easily win in the gang melee. Game features: 1.Yakuza world at your fingertips Challenge the legal system, occupy the land to be king, righteousness, blood on the streets, today you are no longer a spectator, but the founder of the gang, the master of the black industry, immediately into the role, transformed into a million people look up to the mob overlord it! 2.Global gangsters online competition Challenge gangsters from all over the world, make global allies, defeat your enemies by any means, lead your gang to the peak of world glory, and become the godfather of the mob! 3.Gangs gather to rally against the enemy Join the strongest gangs right away, the gangs are waiting for you to participate in the most spectacular, the most abundant firefight. 4.Recruiting minions in the street Real-world neighborhoods, free to+ explore, restore the pure experience of Sin City! The various heroes with great skills, not only can become a street sweeping a sharp edge, more in the gang melee when the secret weapon of victory. 5.Complete battle situation real reproduction Super 3D mode perfectly presents the tension and excitement of the firefight, blocking charge alley battle retreat and other details of the battle, more exclusive combat skills of heroes to show, the real experience of iron-blooded heroism. 6.Soldier type formation to strategize Four types of soldiers flexible hundred, with six formations mysterious, no matter how the battlefield situation changes, the one who has the strategy has the world! 7.Build your yakuza empire Upgrade the villa, reinforce the traps, train the thugs, invest in the industry, train the heroes, fight against the enemies, date the beautiful women, secret deals, only under your wise leadership can build the supreme mob empire!
How to play
First of all this game is possible to buy equipment, good equipment is more expensive than the top characters, especially shoes, a good pair of shoes let you run more than twice as far than the cavalry. This game is really quite playable, and the soldiers look very simple, and all the characters can spend time to get in addition to the explicit code to buy with money. The first phase of the second campaign will send you a god, Caesar, especially when you get to the second century his characteristics will change to hit the tower plus double the damage, stronger than the gun car.

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