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The Escapists:Prison Escape


Updated : March 13, 2020

Version :1.12

Size:Varies with device

Developer : Team 17 Digital Limited

Edit Notes
The Escapists:Prison Escape is a game that plays out the real "prison escape" scenario. Developed by Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team17 Digital Ltd. In the game, you are caught in a prison and your only chance is to build an escape route yourself. You can choose to dig a tunnel, create a prison riot, or steal a guard uniform, mixed with the guards to escape. You can secretly hide items in the game, and then make a combination of props to facilitate the escape. But when the guards call you must be present and participate in the prison work. The Escapists:Prison Escape, player need to explore the acquisition of items, the synthesis of props and the set of puzzles. There is even a mission system where players need to help their fellow inmates to gain financial resources. Since it is a real version of "prison escape", you can give things to the wrong people, or to do prison work every day and have no time to think about anything else.


Developer Notes
The Escapists:Prison Escape is a prison simulation game produced by Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team17, the publisher of Pepsi. In this game, the prisoners have to think of ways to use a variety of tools and prison guards to fight, and finally successfully escape from prison. Prison life can be very boring, which is completely according to the schedule process life. Players can get money by doing laundry, working in the lumberyard, working with metal, and also by helping prisoners (the task is usually to retrieve something from someone, make chaos at assembly time.). Right-click on certain prisoners to purchase items, including weapons, clothing and more. You can get some dinner knives and forks at the counter in the dining room, these small props can be used as weapons. Characters can improve their strength or speed through the equipment after lunch in fitness time , and blood will be increased after the strength is improved. You can go to the reading room to improve intelligence. Exercise and reading will consume energy. Choose a good spot when fighting with prisoners, the prison guards have very high attack power and can be easily taken out. Right-click on the prisoner to scavenge for items after knocking him down.After the blood is zero, you will lie down on the bed, you can sleep to restore strength and energy. You can also recover energy quickly by eating and bathing.The column on the right side of the game interface shows the items you have, click on the portrait to check the status of your character, equip your weapon or change your costume. Item acquisition: Items can be acquired by trading with other players or by knocking others out or by stealing from other people's rooms. Overall, the acquisition of items is easy, but the trouble with this is that the use of props in the game is unclear, leading to the frequent accumulation of too many items. Synthesis of props: Synthesis needs to know the corresponding synthesis formula, if it’s the first time to play, the synthesis formula can only be obtained by looking for the corresponding synthesis table. Character attributes: Players have three attributes: strength, speed, intelligence, can be increased through fitness and Internet access, but the value of these attributes will drop back over time. Mission system: The mission system is a relatively important channel for players to make money. Players can receive different paid missions from other inmates to help retrieve items and teach someone a lesson, which is the only way to get money apart from working. Combat system: This is an escape game, so combat is not the focus of the game, so the design of the combat system is relatively simple, the character's combat ability is affected by two aspects, one is the value of the character's attributes, the second is the character's weapon. Players often receive to teach someone a lesson, or from someone to grab back what was robbed, etc., which are required to players to fight, it is also an essential part of the jailbreak. Recruiting system: This system weakens the lack of character attributes at the beginning of the opening in the brawl can not win, is the balance of the game difficulty. But the recruitment needs to reach a certain level of goodwill, but the way to maintain goodwill in the game in addition to help is to give gifts. Jailer system: There are some jobs in the game, like laundry, kitchen helpers and gardeners, etc., which can be used to obtain some specific props, so the jailer is also one of the essential factors in the game.
How to play
The Escapists:Prison Escape is a game that lets players take on the role of escaped convicts. In order to escape you must try to avoid the guards' attention by avoiding the prison's rigid schedule, weapons and tools can be made using daily items. Your interactions with other inmates and guards in the game will affect how they treat you, and those who support you can help you in combat, or choose not to report you when you do something unusual, or give you some special help. You can improve your agility and strength in the gym, or your intelligence in the library while you're on the loose, all of which skills come into play when escaping.

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