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The Ants:Underground Kingdom


Updated : December 13, 2021

Version :1.12.0


Developer : StarUnion

Edit Notes
The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a simulation game based on the theme of ants, in which players will own an ant colony. In terms of scope, you can incubate different kinds of ants such as worker ants and leaf-cutting ants, and perform a clear division of labor to collect food, water, etc., to make use of your own ant colony. The game "The Ants: Underground Kingdom" does not "animate" all kinds of ants, but adopts the form of 3D dynamic images, which vividly presents the realistic appearance of these ants to players, and even provides their background stories for players to understand their origins and habits. As omnivores, ants have a variety of resources such as meat, grass and honeydew to ensure their vitality, and this "diversity of resources for ants' daily life" is also well interpreted in The Ants: Underground Kingdom.


Developer Notes
The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a simulation strategy game. For the development and glory of the ant kingdom, you must increase the number of ants as much as possible, lead them to resist foreign enemies, compete for resources and expand their power! In order to compete for resources and expand your power, you must build a strong team of ants. Players can simulate being a member of the ant kingdom through this game, participate in the great war of the ant kingdom and take some measures to give yourself strong power to resurrect the ant kingdom. This is not only a new simulation game, but also allows you to build your own ant nest and grow through various tasks. Game features 1.Build a nest The nest of ants can be called a "castle", which provides a safe environment for offspring to grow. Nest planning is an important strategy for the development of the ant kingdom. You have to scientifically build underground nests and dig ant paths to create the ideal ant kingdom in your mind! 2.Breeding colony The number of ant colonies represents the rise and fall of an ant family. For the development and glory of the ant kingdom, you must increase the number of ant colonies as much as possible and lead them to defend against foreign enemies, compete for resources, and expand their power! 3.Mutant Ants In order to fight for resources and expand your power, you must build a strong ant team. In addition to many high level soldier ants, you also need mutant ant leaders - specialized Ants, which can be obtained by hatching mutated eggs. With the strong combination of soldier ants and special ants, your team will be able to crush your enemies! 4.Form an Alliance Create or join an alliance, and together to help each other, common development, joint kill the enemy! With the help of alliances, the ant kingdom under your command will take its place at the top of the ant world! Game highlights 1. The game adopts cartoon style. Players will order a group of ants to face various creatures. Players need to control the ant colony in order to destroy other insect tribes. 2. This is a fast-paced real-time strategy game. Use your wisdom and strategy. The first task is to find food and order your ant army to deliver it. 3. Dig and build underground nests according to your strategy and collect as many ants as you want to form an army. 4. Players can build their own kingdom underground, lead your ant army and compete in fierce matches here to gain more battle experience. 5. Here you can fight better and match your lineup reasonably. Players can make a reasonable division of labor here and give full play to the advantages of each ant unit. Game review This is a fun game that many people are playing. In this game, players can eat a lot of food to upgrade the worker ants, and you can also lead the worker ants to open up the nest and collect all kinds of resources to build your ant empire. There are many different kinds of game levels for you to challenge, and more unique breeding simulation challenges for you to join, facing the tough enemies to constantly improve your operation is the last choice, become a top master here free to explore the duel.
How to play
At the beginning of the game, players need to play as a "queen" looking for a home, in the deep underground to reproduce, expand the territory, step by step to grow their own "ant kingdom". Obviously, this corresponds to "main city construction" section In the process of exploring the underground and developing nests, players need to DIY their own "underground kingdom" step by step, building worker ant habitats, worker ant hatcheries and other facilities to produce different kinds of ants, and assigning them different "jobs" based on the characteristics of the ant species in reality. "The player also needs to build plants to produce ants. In addition, players also need to build plant collection sites to harvest grass, honeydew and other resources by captive breeding of aphids, gradually building a complete set of resource production, processing and use of the closed loop. In the process of continuous exploration and orderly construction of the whole "underground kingdom", different types of ants have their own duties, including "worker ants", which are responsible for carrying resources such as water, honey and meat, "leaf-cutting ants", which are responsible for processing plants into bacteria, "sentry ants", which are responsible for sentry monitoring, and "close guard ants" and "shooter ants", which are responsible for fighting against the enemy. "In addition, there is a full range of enhancement mechanisms for them.

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