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Updated : December 8, 2020

Version :


Developer : 505 Games Srl

Edit Notes
Terraria has a breathtaking depth behind its minimalist graphics, both matter-of-factly and with an overtone of hyperbole. Start digging in! Terraria is such a simple and uncomplicated game, it's only 29M in size, but it's a complete dungeon RPG epic. Terraria is a sandbox game fan's idea of being on par with My World. Players can do many things in the game: make weapons to defeat various enemies and groups; dig underground to find equipment accessories, money and other useful things; collect resources such as wood, stone, ore, etc.; create what you need with everything in the world and guard it.


Developer Notes
Game highlights 1.Rich equipment will be unlocked directly by players, in the challenging world players can insist on completing all kinds of exploration! 2.Horizontal version of the battle interface, which is very easy for everyone to jump operation, after each jump players will come to a new area! 3.It provides a hundred kinds of weapons, but also can constantly synthesize out, which will always give players hope to defeat the opponent. 4.In the map they will constantly extend their footsteps, and finally reach a new area. Game advantage 1.The game does not have any main line branches, but there is day and night, players can develop completely freely without any restrictions! 2.The main task of the game is to let players use all kinds of resources according to their own ideas, to create all kinds of things, the whole world is full of power of exploration! 3.Players need to use these items to labor, make their own ability to become powerful. 4.After the destruction of certain obstacles, you can find a variety of resources such as stone, wood, iron ore or other equipment, however, in the continuous deep exploration at the same time, players will also encounter a variety of monsters. Game features 1.It is a very good adventure breakthrough class game, many tasks waiting for you to answer. 2.It will bring you experience, the characteristics of the shape is incomparably handsome and lovely and the difficulty factor will gradually increase. 3.The game play is rich and diverse, and you will get more stimulation and exploration. Game content 1.There is a new plot, where players can have a free adventure process and feel the extraordinary game life. 2.There is a very wonderful underground world, so that players can be free to team adventure. 3.There are a variety of different enemies here, which will be your former resistance. 4.There are a variety of different environments and themes and can freely switch, city, wilderness, canyon and so on. Game screen The game starts with a customizable character model, with hairstyle, dress, color and so on. Players can also set their own map size selection and game difficulty, a special point to note is that based on the player's choice of game difficulty, the consequences are also different. The game also has fixed bosses and some special events, which is quite playable.
How to play
1. Entering the game. 2. Create a world. 3. Entering a world where the first thing a novice needs at the beginning is to stay alive. 4. Cutting down trees to collect wood and attacking slimes to collect gel. 5. Build a house with walls, a backdrop, a light source and a door before it gets dark, and make a workbench. 6. Make some equipment with the remaining wood. 7. When darkness falls, close the door of the house and punch a hole into the ground to collect ore. 8. After collecting iron ore, go back to the workbench and make a furnace, then you can make ingots. 9. Use the ingot to make an anvil, at the anvil you can synthesize higher level equipment, keep repeating this process in the early stage, as the equipment upgrade you can continue to explore the deeper world.

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