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Summoners War


Updated : November 2, 2021

Version :6.4.5


Developer : Com2uS

Edit Notes
Summoners war is a new 3D RPG hand game which is created by the South Korean game manufacturer Com2uS independently, it has the main magnificent atmosphere, beautiful 3D game graphics, with 5 attributes, more than 470 characters, which can be summoned for players to collect, and includes more than 3,000 kinds of monsters, more than 30 battle levels, and super powerful temple bosses and other rich content. In Summoners war, having a powerful magic spirit is the key to getting through the copies and sweeping the arena. But first of all, I want to tell you that the probability of the appearance of magic spirits in the game is completely random, which means that no matter what method you use, the magic spirits you get will appear randomly. The purpose of this guide is to help you increase your chances of summoning a magic spirit, and it depends on the luck of the players as to how many starred magic spirits can be drawn. In Summoner's War: Arena, in addition to the most basic system quests, you can also perform a variety of game play such as dungeon exploration, PVP battles, and collection and cultivation. Game Features: 1、More than 400 kinds of monsters with various personalities. 2、Only my monster combination "Sky Island". 3、More than 20 kinds of evolution with different characteristics. 4、The "carnivorous system" that shows the growth of monsters by physical strength. 5、Strategic elements of the strengthening system. [Passionate Guild Wars] We have only one goal! Victory! A fierce battle with up to 25 players at the same time! Work together with your guild members to build the strongest guild! [Real Time Raid] From now on, let's fight side by side! Real-time raids with 3 players online! Kill the bosses with your fellow players through a variety of strategies! [Holmonks] The forbidden summoning magic! Unblocked! A special magic spirit that can evolve its skills according to the summoner's preferences! Summon Holmonix and show your strength!


Developer Notes
Summoners war game is a large role-playing type of RPG game, using 3d modeling rendering design to create a magical game world, bring a rich and exciting gameplay content. There are a large number of level tasks and other challenges, and a variety of monsters, a variety of skills role selection. The game effects are very cool, play exciting and exciting! ! Arena defensive team lineups: Defensive lineup positioning First of all, we need to be clear: there is no invincible defensive lineup, do not think you can put up to defend against a large number of attackers. After all, the defense is under the control of AI. The baby has a total of 3 skills, the AI can not be perfect to do every time in accordance with what you have in mind to defend. Defensive significance classification Beast team: The common offensive team is used as the defense, which relies on high burst that can take out the attackers. This kind of lineup is a bit in the high damage, there is also the significance of deterring the attacker, the best defense is the offense, violence to violence. The disadvantages are equally obvious: the AI's IQ is limited, so when the defense is not reflected in the baby itself, then it is bound to lose. Pure meat team: it uses full resistance and blood baby to defend, rely on the damage of the mysterious tower to consume the enemy. Even if it takes a little time is willing to play, the win rate is very high, non-high score players, some will choose not to play this type of defensive team. Equipment Strategy: -Equipment leveling Equipment advancement can improve the quality of equipment and thus improve the attributes of equipment. Description: Open after doing the main line quest, the material of the equipment advancement can be obtained through the guardian battle; the enhancement level of the equipment can be inherited after the equipment advancement; the equipment below level 10 cannot be advanced. -Equipment introduction Equipment is divided into 6 parts, including weapons, chest armor, boots, accessories, wrist guards, ring. Equipment has a total of 5 qualities, including white, green, blue, purple, orange. The quality of the equipment will affect the equipment reinforcement limit, the better the quality of the equipment can be reinforced the higher the limit. Equipment strengthening needs to consume a certain amount of gold coins. Fortification can be done either as a single enhancement or automatically.
How to play
-- Strategic gameplay Witness a dazzling display of each monster's unique skills. 21 different rune sets to pick up extra abilities for your monsters! Figure out the best strategy to win the battle. -- Crafting You can craft over 100 items in the new crafting building! Use the new crafting system to craft advanced runes, special buildings, statues, and more, and install them anywhere you want. -- Massive Collection Fire, water, wind, light and darkness! 5 different attributes, 1000 different monsters! Collect as many monsters as you can and assemble the most powerful team. -- Endless fun Decorate your village, battle other summoners, explore dungeons, fight in PVP battles, expand your collection, train monsters and more. -- Homunculus Forbidden summoning magic is finally revealed! You can evolve the skill of your choice with this special monster. Summon Homunculus and show off your strategy. -- Artifacts Newly equipped artifacts! Fight powerful bosses and get new rewards. Power up your monsters with artifacts and the various attributes they possess. -- Real-time raids Team up for battle! Real-time battles with 3 users! Use a variety of strategies to defeat bosses with your fellow summoners. -- Guild Content Conquest of the Isles sensational guild PVP! Explore the labyrinth of Tartarus with your guild members. Make your guild the greatest guild of all time. -- World Arena Enjoy real-time battles with users from all over the world! Experience a thrilling battle that starts with Pick&Ban! Show the world your unique strategy! -- Dimensional Cave The closed Dimensional Cave is now open! Fight against the ancient forces of the other dimension. Defeat ancient guardians and encounter powerful monsters with newly awakened powers!

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