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Stone Miner


Updated : September 22, 2021

Version :2.4.1


Developer : ZPLAY Games

Edit Notes
Stone Miner is a very fun game, the game is rich in levels, suitable for all ages, players control the road roller to harvest the stone, in the specified time you need to collect the stone, interested in Stone Miner partners come to experience the download. The gameplay of "Stone Miner" is very addictive. Players drive the mining car to roam around many rich islands and transport various ores reclaimed back to the base for sale, while upgrading the roller, load and other settings to enhance the strength of their mining car. Make the mining car faster, more load and easier to dig in the process of digging. When the excavation of an island is completed, you can open a brand new island and pick up again. The art of "Stone Miner" adopts a cute cartoon setting, and despite the slight difference in the subtlety of the characters, the sense of satisfaction that abounds everywhere captures the hearts of players at all times. After all, the operation of collecting all kinds of minerals while digging and collecting until you reach the limit of the mine cart is still very satisfying. On the other hand, in the art setting of minerals, the game also provides rich settings, from the color matching to the setting of materials, so that each kind of mineral deposit gets unique characteristics. From the actual experience, "Stone Miner" from the subject of mining as a cut, in the core gameplay to create more focus on the excavation and collection of ore, focus on guiding the player's hands, and actively promote the presentation of action gameplay; in the simulation of management but a certain weakening, the simple mine car upgrade occupies a great deal of revenue, and as of now, there are only four buildings in the town The game is a great success, with two of them requiring the player's level to reach a certain level before they can be opened. If you like to experience the simulation game, if you are keen on the free game of mining theme, if you are a player fans of matchmaker shape, then please do not easily miss this "Stone Miner".


Developer Notes
Stone miner is a wonderful casual puzzle game, the game is very exciting, players will feel a different challenge mode and play here, there are new content launched, will not let you down, there are new modes launched.Stone miner game features.1, Unlocking tasks can basically be completed, thinking agility is high, the situation has been understood.2, Clearly know the secrets, creative ideas bring opportunities to face all kinds of trouble.3, The problem of hand speed is very important, each request will be met, the daily activities go very smoothly.Stone miner game content.1. This is an interesting building class game, the game style vertical cartoon, the game in which players need to be within a determined time.2. Clear a variety of obstacles in the level, the game's level content is very rich, suitable for all ages of players to play.3. Players control the roller to harvest the stone, in the limited game time need to collect the stone to.Stone miner game highlights.1. A variety of leisure and entertainment gameplay waiting for you to feel online.2, According to the unique game props can enhance the effectiveness of the work of workers.3, Up to a dozen kinds of minerals will give you different resources to dig.
How to play
Stone miner game play. 1. Use your truck to crush rocks, mine resources, sell them at the base and upgrade your truck to get more. 2. A variety of casual entertainment gameplay waiting for you to feel online, according to the unique game props can enhance the effectiveness of the work of workers.

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