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Squid Survival Challenge : 456


Updated : December 20, 2021

Version :0.0.18


Developer : simon kim

Edit Notes
Squid Survival Challenge 456 is a survival game, players have to follow the corresponding rules, in the influence of countless rules, the game uses a cartoon style, rich level design, which can be free for players to challenge. Players should finally reach the end and complete the challenge. Squid Survival Challenge 456 is particularly suitable for playing in the break time, different play design task challenge can bring players a variety of fun, the game is also very special convenient operation, do not be affected by the rules, players should seriously do their own breakthrough task, give full play to their strength. So if you like Squid Survival Challenge 456, quickly come and experience this game!


Developer Notes
Squid Survival Challenge 456 is an exciting and fun casual game. In the game, you can compete with many people and enjoy the joyful game. There are various ways to play, you can challenge at will and enjoy the joyful game experience, there are many kinds of tasks, each with a different feeling, giving you an exciting experience. You need to accumulate experience through continuous adventure and enjoy the fun time. Game features 1.A popular film and television adaptation of the survival adventure game, players in the game to experience all the game breakthroughs of the film and television drama. 2.Woodman, sugar pie, tug of war and other play levels, players can compete with different players and beat them. 3.A group of opponents, the opportunity to become a billionaire in your hands, live to the end and win all 45.6 billion bonus. 4.More than 400 people go head to head, play alone or with friends, you can experience the excitement of passing the levels. Game highlights 1.This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to try to complete the challenge and earn 45.6 billion with fair competition and only one principle. 2.Only 50% of people can survive this game. 3.Casual strategy breakthrough challenge, this game allows you to give full play to your brain power, but also allows you to experience a lot of new ways to play. Game advantages 1.It is very free to play, and you can play a variety of ways. 2.Many different modes of play, each will give you a different exciting entrance experience. 3.The characters are very cartoonish. Different modes bring different competitive experience. Game review Squid Survival Challenge 456 is a very challenging casual game, each task in which there are more than one player to participate, if you want to stand out from the many players, you need to be strength and wisdom, each challenge will be a variety of difficulty waiting for you, according to the individual encounter to find a more relaxed way to break through, only then you have a greater chance to win the final victory!
How to play
1.A variety of ways to play, it has high freedom and a variety of game modes which brings you a wonderful competitive experience. 2.The characters are very cartoonish. In the different levels, players experience different ways to play. 3. In the game, players can challenge with friends online.

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