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Scribblenauts Remix


Updated : June 25, 2018

Version :6.9


Developer : Warner Bros. International Enterprises

Edit Notes
Scribblenauts Remix is a creative game developed by 5TH Cell. Game play is to allow players to write any words in English through the pen, and then make the content of the words into objects to solve puzzles and produce a variety of game effects. For example, if players enter "BIKE", and "LION", there will be a bicycle, space ship and lion. You can even enter more than one word to bring more whimsical game content, such as making the bike jump up, bulldozing sharks, feeding food to dinosaurs and so on. If you enter "BATS", "BOMBS", "GUNS" and "FLAMETHROWERS "and so on, it will appear all kinds of cartoon gun weapons, not only can destroy the general obstacles, and even the player before the change out of things. At the same time, it has cute game painting style, along with the cute little man adventure. In the process of this game, you will encounter a variety of dangers and difficulties, you should give full play to your intelligence, complete different tasks, pass, show your strength and win a lot of victory. The arrangement of various scenes will bring you a lot of joy. If you are interested in this game, come and experience it!


Developer Notes
Scribblenauts Remix is a puzzle game, which combines the most vivid anime theme colors, you can enjoy a clear theme challenge level mode and a variety of cover free combination of running. Game features 1.Unique vocabulary presentation form to assist the game, which is full of creativity and inspiration. 2.Scene construction is a highlight of the game, players have to use these unique scene elements to solve puzzles. 3.It allows players to write any words in English through the pen, and then make the word content into physical objects. 4.American graffiti style, bright cartoon colors to present players with a fairy tale like wonderful world. Game highlights 1.The game has the form of scene levels, each level has a different theme elements. 2.Not only does it require imagination, but also a huge amount of words, but has a cute and childish picture. 3.The objects can not only be rich in personality and imagination, and can also be real-time interaction. Game advantages 1.Explore the open universe for infinite hours using all levels as your playground. 2.The game is very creative, mainly by entering words to create a variety of objects. 3.The game test the player's vocabulary, for many players who are not good at English is very challenging. Game review Scribblenauts Remix is a charming game although it is a little difficult, it requires not only imagination but also a huge amount of words, the graphics are cute and childlike, which has an excellent storyline and is a perfect combination of education and fun. The game has 50 levels, and each level requires different and various methods, and by the end of the game play, I believe that everyone's English vocabulary can be on a level.
How to play
There are 41 levels, 50 starites and a total of 500 starites for 20+ gameplay experiences, each with unlimited play time for players to experience again. Using the game's prop creator, everything is possible in the game. Use these self-created props to solve puzzles in the game, share props with your friends, or modify your friends' props, all at your own pace. Storing previously summoned items and self-created props, players can easily find their recently used props. You can also go and invite your friends to come and solve the puzzle together.

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