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RAID: Shadow Legends


Updated : October 7, 2021

Version :4.70.0


Developer : Plarium Global Ltd

Edit Notes
RAID Shadow Legends is a great role-playing combat game in which players can choose any character they like and become a member of the arena, where you will recruit renowned warriors from both the light and dark worlds, all in order to save the land of Telaria. You will lead your recruited warriors, who will come from different races and backgrounds, and will also unite more players to fight against their opponents in the game, where there are many heroes to choose from, and you can start an adventure with your teammates, strengthening yourself, fighting, getting gold and killing bosses!The game has legendary heroes with incredible abilities, fighting against the forces of darkness in different locations of the magical world. This game will take you to the world of fantasy. Go on an adventure and find gold with elves, orcs, wizards and other heroes. Collect a balanced team of characters of different classes and prepare to face any opponent. Buy items for weapons and equipment. Fight in the arena.


Developer Notes
Hundreds of champions battle through a visually-stunning realistic fantasy RPG from 16 playable factions. Pocket Gamercommended the "sheer graphic quality", for its "beautifully rendered and animated" characters and a "generous experience for new players". The animations are simply spectacular and players that enjoy fantasy combat with a more realistic approach. To save the world of Teleria, you will recruit its most legendary warriors. You must train them to fight together, mold them into living weapons, and assemble the greatest raiding party ever seen.Raid: Shadow Legendshas been praised for its graphics but criticized for its aggressive monetization in the form ofmicrotransactions.The game is blamed to embody the most manipulative monetization methods, because these purchasesdirectly provide a spike to the overall power level of your characters. Ultimately, the problem is not thatRaid: Shadow Legendshounds its users for money at every moment, it is that spending money is the only way to compete with other players. At all times,Raid: Shadow Legendsis pestering its players to spend real money. Transitioning from virtually any screen causes a prompt to appear to purchase a pack, or countless other real money purchases. Worse still is the developer’s inclusion of a countdown timer on each of these prompts that are supposed to indicate that this is a limited time offer, as if the developers would ever reject a player’s money.The game has also received substantial negative attention for its extensive advertising campaign, most notably itssponsorshipsof a number ofYouTubeandTwitchcontent creators. “Forget everything you know about mobile games” is the repetitive slogan shouted across too many sponsored videos on YouTube. This had led to it becoming aninternet meme.Another issue is that the community is angered by the admin and developers don't answer questions from players. As a result, players are fed up for not getting the items they paid for. The company is disconnected from their player base and ignore feedback and implement some stupid things that no one likes. Some players feel that every new update makes the game worse.However, there are still some players defend the game by stating that Raid:Shadow Legends isn't a bad game necessarily, it is a great RPG. There's a ton to collect, and a lot of love was obviously poured into the Champions' designs and voice work.In conclusion, if you are aware of all the negative reviews mentioned above and still want to check out some stunning graphics and excitement you can try it at your own risk!
How to play
1, Collect over a hundred fighters from 16 camps. Gather warlocks, illusionists, undead, knights, elves and more fighters to balance your team, defeat your enemies and then take them under your wing! 2, Conquer dozens of challenge bosses for bonus items, experience and special fighters! Then defeat them again for more powerful weapons. 3, Go head to head with other players in a fierce arena to gain rankings and unlock special equipment. Two teams enter and only one team gets out.

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