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Puzzles & Survival


Updated : September 30, 2021

Version :7.0.53


Developer : 37GAMES

Edit Notes
Puzzles Survival is a triple elimination game which isbased on the theme of the doomsday. This game combines the simulation of building content. Players can get all kinds of materials and supplies by triple elimination, and then use your strategy to complete the construction, in the process of completing the construction it can provide many different skills for triple elimination. This game combine the traditional doomsday game with triple elimination, which makes this game more interesting.A deadly virus outbreak has swept the world. Almost all human beings become zombies. Lead your followers to survive here, this is your mission.Match-3 puzzle combines with strategy! Players should solve the mysteries, and build an impregnable shelters.Puzzles & Survival is a novel choice of hardcore apocalyptic theme and boldly adopts a triple elimination + combat design.


Developer Notes
Puzzles survival is an excellent zombie apocalypse which combines simulation and adventure puzzle solving. Players can combat with zombies by triple elimination. hurry up and download this Puzzles Survival and experience the excellence of this game! Players should have the unique battle ability. Sensitive operation and a new way of playing the game will give you a different kind of fun and thrill. Build shelters and guard the last hope of mankind!The new collision of gems and thinking, break the tradition of three elimination, recreate the zombie classic. The game combines the survival strategy and the three elimination game, allowing players to experience the unique features of this game in a comprehensive game play. Game Highlights: 1.Break out the triple elimination, recreate the zombie classic. 2.The organic fusion of three-dissipation leisure entertainment and SLG thinking storm. 3.Bringing you a new overwhelming apocalyptic experience. Game feature 1.Become a commander, rebuild the survivor’s habitat and forge a new Genesis civilization. 2.Surround the zombies, build bases, expand the territory and upgrade exclusive strategic weapons. 3.The game's combat mechanics are not complicated, and players will mainly fight through elimination gameplay. 4.Similar to the traditional triple elimination, there will be 1-3 monsters and 5 operable heroes in each game, and players will attack the monsters by synthesizing and eliminating. 5.Among them, there is also a certain restraint relationship between different attributes of the square, will cause double the damage to the enemy!
How to play
The game also features building gameplay. When the command center is upgraded to the corresponding level When the command center is upgraded to the corresponding level, the corresponding corpses outside the field can be cleared, and new boards can be opened to build farms, virus research institutes and other corresponding facilities to provide the materials needed for nurturing. Puzzles & Survival is set in the traditional setting of a virus outbreak that has infected the human race. The only surviving humans are building their own shelters in the midst of the threat of the apocalypse, but the familiar formula is obviously more immersive for European and American players. At the same time, in order to fit the aesthetics of this group of players, the game in the UI, character drawing, scene design, 3D models and other aspects are more realistic waste land style. Every user familiar with survival games will be able to find a familiar feeling at first glance.

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