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Project Makeover


Updated : November 8, 2021

Version :2.25.1


Developer : Magic Tavern, Inc.

Edit Notes
Project Makeover is a casual game of elimination and transformation, in which players can go on elimination to unlock various resources to build your home. If you like it, download the game quickly. Project Makeover is a traditional triple elimination combined with dress up, home upgrade and other fashion elements to eliminate the construction game. Players help several characters in the game to image, home workshop transformation, transformation materials are mainly through the completion of the elimination level to get gold and other props to buy. Through a series of transformation, the game's characters will have a new look, so that players have a full sense of achievement. There are two kinds of proceeds from the game's triple elimination levels, one is gold coins and one is paper money, gold coins are spent on giving the vegetarians a makeover, while paper money is used to decorate the director's own room. The game players have their own space, but also can pinch their own face, in the pinch of the choice is actually limited, there are only some basic gender and other options, but in their own clothing modeling and space, you need to spend paper money to buy. Some levels will have additional rewards for opening boxes, which will appear necklaces and other jewelry extra items that can be used for the transformation of the vegetarian.


Developer Notes
Project Makeover is a makeover game where players transform those who need to be transformed and experience the endless sense of accomplishment of a successful makeover against a wide range of personalities, including a conceited fashionista, a scheming assistant, or a stubborn client in desperate need of a new closet. Play challenging, fashion-themed puzzles to find the perfect look! Don't forget to customize your avatar for a unique style! DRAMA is everywhere and ready for some extreme personalities! Solve addictive puzzles with challenging obstacles! Design your avatar to stand out on the red carpet! Visit friends and see how they dress up their avatars! Boost level explosions with exciting props for explosive gains! In the game, "fashion" and "beauty" as the theme, there are a variety of vegetarian characters, the traditional make-up games, usually mainly female characters, rarely see the male figure, but usually appear in the image of the male stylist. In this game, there are men and women from all walks of life with different personalities and stories, and we need to transform them according to their own characteristics. The fun and sense of immersion of the game has increased greatly. In the game, the complexity of each person's transformation process is different, but can be summarized into a total of three major categories. They are the transformation of the head shape, the transformation of the dressing and the transformation of the home environment. Any remodeling actions, such as changing makeup, changing clothes, adding furniture and more that will consume gold coins. The main purpose of the game is to earn coins to support the remodeling part of the game. There is no special emphasis on differentiation in the gameplay of the triple elimination game, just like the traditional triple elimination, there is no big change in the rules, multiple identical elements will be eliminated at the same time will have special effects, that is, there will be bombs and other props, there will be a chain effect between props, after reaching the level goal, the remaining rounds will become the same number of props, then automatically play the effect, beyond the part of the achievement will bring Additional benefits. Game Highlights 1. Make a choice from a wide range of fashionable clothes to create a flawless appearance! 2. Makeover your clients who need help and let them follow their dreams with confidence! 3. Help them decorate their rooms and design their looks! 4. Drama is everywhere, get ready to face some extreme personalities!
How to play
The game is in the style of American comic cartoon, in the game we will play a new director of variety, responsible for the vegetarians with the help of other people, the image and residence transformation, and at the same time to deal with the former director of the various bloody events, in the plot and gameplay are very rich and complete. 1. Choose from many fashionable clothes to create a flawless appearance! 2. Makeover the clients who need help and let them follow their dreams with confidence! 3. Help them decorate and style their homes! 4. Drama is everywhere, get ready to face some extreme personalities! 5. Solve puzzles that are full of obstacles and make you want to play again and again! 6. Personalize your avatar and shine on the red carpet! 7. Visit friends and admire their avatar looks! 8. Use exciting props to power your way through the game and get the exciting and intense benefits!

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