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Poly Bridge 2


Updated : December 24, 2021

Version :1.45


Developer : Dry Cactus Limited

Edit Notes
Poly Bridge 2 is a game that lets you simulate the real bridge building, this is a large sandbox world, where you can create any building you like and complete a bridge project between the two sides of the river which let you have a sense of accomplishment. The game adds the new more interesting challenge activities based on the first part, you can simulate to build the world's top buildings and become the best bridge engineer! In Poly Bridge 2, players can use the conditions in the game to create a variety of their own works, it can be a good exercise of the players' thinking skills.


Developer Notes
Poly Bridge 2 is a casual game that simulates the construction of bridges. The game uses the most advanced 3D physics engine to create the most realistic bridge building experience. Players in the game can boldly design and construct bridges, create any bridge you like, the game is also very simple to play, just need to pass the vehicle through the bridge to reach the other side safely for the success of the level. Game features 1.New game soundtrack There are 13 brand new tracks and 18 remastered tracks from the original Poly Bridge, so you can relax in the game and enjoy the music! The light and familiar sound of folk guitars ring out for over an hour and a half. 2.Great spring Use the new spring material to add cushioning and dash to level victory with a bounce. You can also use springs to enhance the elasticity of the bridge. 3.New physical effects We've done our best this time to create a custom physics engine for you, optimized and fine-tuned specifically for bridge simulation. The engine's effects are accurate and predictable, ensuring everyone has the same simulation results. 4.Certified Leaderboard Compete with other players on mutually independent new generic and collapse-free leaderboards! Leaderboard entries are reviewed and certified upon submission to ensure a fair gaming experience for all. 5.Twitch Toppings The Poly Bridge 2 Twitch topology allows viewers to collaborate with hosts to design and submit bridges directly to their favorite hosts, while the latter can test bridges in-game. 6.Optimized sandbox Poly Bridge 2 uses an optimized sandbox level editor to build your own unique levels from scratch with new objects, customizable ramps, and over twenty vehicles to submit to the in-game creation room! Show off your creativity, build your own puzzles, and discover endlessly different levels from other players. 7、Creation Room Battle Assemble your own levels in the new Creative Room Campaign! You can design complete campaign worlds using the same theme, which includes multiple levels and progressively increasing difficulty. We've also added over 100 levels from the original Poly Bridge for you to relive your previous experience in the Creative Studio Campaign! Game highlights 1. You should build difficult bridges, so your skills must be greater and greater, only by this way can you be able to build more kinds of bridges. 2. Collecting more driving materials is the basis of building a bridge, and the theoretical knowledge must be complete to build the best bridge. 3. Connect different ways so that they can meet all the needs. Game review 1.Use the various materials given to you by the scene, cleverly link them together, only then can successfully complete the bridge project. 2.With the more game mode, you will experience a more magical interaction in the game. 3.Unlock new ways to play, and constantly improve their engineering creation ability, to help you complete the game in the more difficult tasks.
How to play
Players can build a variety of strange and bizarre bridges, but it should be noted that the player to ensure the quality of the bridge, to be able to complete a variety of tests. Super long suspension bridge: this bridge is mainly stretchable, to facilitate the passage of some ships. Volume roll bridge: this bridge is estimated to be rare in reality, because this bridge can be rolled up from the middle to both sides by itself, to facilitate the passage of large ships. Pirate ship: belongs to the innovation, it can be convenient for the car above and below through, but the safety factor is not very high. Flying bridge: this belongs to the film and the game of the bridge, as the same as the flying car, it can quickly fly through the air.

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