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Plague Inc.


Updated : July 19, 2021

Version :Varies with device

Size:Varies with device

Developer :

Edit Notes
Plague Inc. is a very realistic strategy simulation game. The game requires the player to spread the selected pathogen around the world to create a super plague that will eventually kill all of humanity from the epidemic. In the process of spreading and infecting the pathogen, the player needs to constantly modify its contagiousness and resistance in order to deal with the countermeasures from the governments and scientists of the world. The initial version of the game provides seven basic pathogens, including Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, site, Prion, Nano-Virus and Bio-Weapon, in the subsequent update version, it also added fictional special pathogens Neurax Worm, Necroa Virus, and Simian Flu.


Developer Notes
Plague Inc. is an epidemic-based strategy game developed by Ndemic Creations, an independent game studio based in London, UK, for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The game is based on a strategy game based on an infectious disease. In the game you can play as a variety of bacteria or viruses before humans develop an antidote, you have to hide themselves and spread to the world by plane and ship, and eventually take over the entire planet. Before releasing the virus, you need to choose the initial dispersal site, in the beginning, the virus will spread very slowly, but after a period of accumulation you can slowly gain DNA points, through which you can make the virus mutate and upgrade new abilities, namely new symptoms of the infected, such as cough, fever, cold, etc., which can ensure that your virus survives longer and infect more people. In order to improve the authenticity of the game, Plague Inc. intersperses world dynamics, news information and other content in the course of the game to give players a greater sense of immersion in the game, showing the process of the world being constantly destroyed in a very graphic way. The large number of branching directions when strengthening viruses allows players who like to create to produce viruses with different characteristics every time, and the pursuit of the most difficult to cure and the most rapidly lethal viruses is the ultimate goal in the game.
How to play
The game is a 2D strategy game, the overall color of the interface is "horror red". It is divided into easy, normal, hard, and there are 7 initial pathogens to choose, and only in the normal difficulty victory to unlock the next virus. The operation of the game is very simple, players first find a country on the world map to spread the virus, after the virus being spread, you will get DNA points, DNA points can be used to upgrade the virus, upgrade the direction of the infectiousness, symptoms and ability, in turn to expand the speed and power of infection, and finally to destroy the world as the end. In the process of the spread of the virus, there will be research progress of the antidote. Once the research is completed before the destruction of the world, the game will fail. Plague Inc. game play is mainly: the transmission route, the onset of symptoms, special abilities, localized transmission, opening country selection, players need to master these game elements to win the game victory.

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