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MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game


Updated : October 4, 2021

Version :1.6.4


Developer : Marmalade Game Studio


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Edit Notes

The money, the dice, a map of random events, all that things can make many people willing to indulge in it, not as a million dollar account or not to lose all bankruptcy will not stop. Obviously are doing repeated things, but for four or five hours in a row can not be decided; obviously the boy is dying, you live in his hotel for a night he came back to life; in addition to the choice to buy land and build a house, the other options are almost zero. The game's success also seems to confirm a truth - the simpler it is, the more classic it is. MONOPOLY is a casual puzzle board game produced and published by Ubisoft, featuring detailed animations and a customizable building system that elevates the classic tabletop game to a whole new level on the PC platform. Take a journey across the world! Build your own empire with your friends and family in vivid 3D cities. Realistic and vivid game world. - A full 3D city in the center of the game board gives players access to a small world where each community has its own unique style and friendly residents interact with players as they progress and celebrate their achievements, bringing a whole new dimension to the gaming experience. Enjoy what you have and watch the empire you've built grow! Number of participants: 2 to 8 players Objective of the game: to find ways to make others go bankrupt while making yourself the only successful person, to start the game prepare for. 1、Each participant choose one color of pieces and put the pieces into the start box. 2. Choose one of them to act as or double as a banker and send each person a starting amount of $1500. 3、Put the lottery and luck into the lottery and luck box of the board 4、Each participant throw the dice (two together), the one with the largest number of points goes first, and the others go in counter-clockwise order.

Developer Notes

Monopoly is a multi-player economics-themed board game. It was initially derived in 1903. Over the years, Monopoly has become a part of international popular culture, having been licensed locally in more than 103 countries and printed in more than 37 languages. It’s a game that suits the whole family to play together. In the game, players roll two dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them with houses and hotels. Players collect rent from their opponents, with the goal being to drive them into bankruptcy. Money can also be gained or lost through Chance and Community Chest cards, and tax payments and refunds. Players receive a fixed income every time they pass "Go", and can end up in jail, from which they cannot move until they have met one of three conditions. The game has numerous house rules, and hundreds of different editions exist, as well as many spin-offs and related media. There's a strong element of luck involved in playing Monopoly, but there's also some strategies that skilled players will win more often than others. Here we are sharing with you some tips. The best way to win at Monopoly is to have a strategy and stick with it. The name of the game tells you that collaboration will never work; your goal is to bankrupt your opponents by owning the most valuable property on the board. Here are some tips to share with you: 1) Choose the properties to buy carefully Always buy the property when you land there if no one owns the same group of the properties, or the purchase will give you a chance to complete the same set of properties or to block other people from completing the same set. 2) Take note of the most frequent landing areas When you have limited cash on hand, you have to consider carefully and chose the most frequent landing areas. For e.g. Short Line Railroad is the least useful railroad to own because it is visited least often. 3) Jail Strategies In the beginning of the game, you should get out of jail quickly so that you don’t miss opportunities to buy the properties. In the later part of the game, when moving around is dangerous, you should stay in Jail as long as possible. 4) Think Three When you are going to build houses on your land, build three houses as fast as possible, as the rental for 3 houses are much higher than the rental for 2 house. 5) Observe your player’s tactics, and respond accordingly Don’t forget your object is to make all other bankrupt and you the last one to stay! So you have to have no mercy on others, watch their tactics and respond accordingly. A worldwide Monopoly tournament was conducted. The first Monopoly World Championships took place in Grossinger's Resort in New York, in November 1973, but they did not include competitors from outside the United States until 1975. The most recent World Championship took place September 2015 in Macau. Italian Nicolò Falcone defeated the defending world champion and players from twenty-six other countries.

How to play

Choose your player mode Play this classic Hasbro board game in a variety of online and offline player modes. Put your skills to the test against our challenging AI opponents in single player mode. Compete with friends and family wherever you are in online multiplayer. Play WiFi-free when you pass one device around a group of players in pass&play mode. Select your rules If you’re one of the many who’ve never read the rules, you can still play exactly how you like! Add cash to Free Parkin


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