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Updated : October 5, 2021

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Size:Varies with device

Developer : Mojang

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Minecraft is a sandbox creation game that allows you to successfully solve all aspects of combat operations, collect the resources you want, and create your own territory.The game focuses on allowing players to explore, interact with, and change a dynamically generated map of one cubic meter-sized cubes. In addition to the cubes, environmental monoliths include plants, creatures, and objects. The game's various activities include gathering ores, fighting hostile creatures, synthesizing new cubes, and collecting tools for the various resources found in the game. The game's unlimited mode allows players to create buildings, creations and artwork on various multiplayer servers or in their single-player mode. Other features include redstone circuits for logic and telekinesis, mine carts and tracks, and the option to eventually travel to a dimension called the "End of the Line".


Developer Notes
As one of the most popular games of the past decade, a lot ofMinecraft'ssuccess can be attributed to the sheer amount of freedom it gives you.Do you know that Minecraft doesn’t actually try to sell you anything aside from the game itself, in fact, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make money from playing the game?If you have a decent understanding of Minecraft as well as some impressive skills to outweigh any competition, below ideas will help to make money from playing Minecraft! Additionally, a few of these ideas below are achievable with a partner or multiple friends, so don’t hesitate to involve the people you play with on a regular basis.1. If you’re a serious Minecraft fan and like design, you can join theMinecraft Partner Program. It is a new program thatallows users to share and sell their Minecraft creationson the enormous in-game marketplace. You can create ad-ons, realms, skins, maps, hosted services and textures for the Minecraft Partner Program. If you can show that you have an impressive portfolio of high quality content that you’ve shared to Minecraft before, you can apply for this partnership.2. If you’re into Minecraft, you may have watched a Twitch stream or two. That’s where players get most of their inspiration from. If you have a decent computer, entertaining Minecraft skills, and a mic, you can pretty much start streaming today without any issues. You cangrow the fan base on Twitch, yes it will take a long time. However, if you stay consistent and you enjoy it anyway, then there’s no real harm in trying. You can sell merch for your channel, and promote your creations on the Minecraft Marketplace.3. Similar to Twitch, creating a YouTube channel can offer you a lot of ways to make money from playing Minecraft. For e.g., if you have more than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in YouTube, you can start recording your Minecraft gameplay and make commentaries or general gameplay footage to upload to YouTube. There are a few ways you can do to begin to make money from advertisements, sponsoring of videos, selling merch, etc.4. There is a huge market for artists to take advantage of in the Minecraft world. People are willing to pay for high quality drawings, paintings, and graphic designs of their in-world characters with their specific skins.If you have artistic abilities and know your Minecraft well, you can start a seller account onFiverrandcharge anywhere between $5-$100 per design!5. Lastly you can start a blog about your experiences. It is best to keep yourblog nichea bit broader and to write about Minecraftandother video games. You havesomany ways to make money if you learn some SEO and grow your traffic overtime. Ideas include advertisements, selling products or e-books (you can design tutorials for Minecraft playing), writing of sponsored contents, and using your blog channel to other sources like YouTube or stream.You should only pursue these ideas if you truly love playing Minecraft. Whether you’re a skilled artist, world builder, server host, or entertainer, as long as you truly love playing Minecraft, you will be able to enjoy it, at the same, make money from it!
How to play
Minecraft is a building game in which players can create and destroy the game's cubes in a three-dimensional space. Players can build or destroy cubes in a three-dimensional world with a variety of cubes. With the theme that each player is free to create and destroy different kinds of cubes in three-dimensional space. Players in the game can destroy or create blocks in single-player or multiplayer mode in order to create exquisite buildings and art, or collect items to explore the map to complet

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