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Match Masters


Updated : December 21, 2021

Version :3.901


Developer : Candivore

Edit Notes
Match Master is a fun puzzle elimination game, the game adopts a cartoon style, the game screen is very cute and beautiful, the game play is very simple and interesting as the same as the elimination of stars, the difference is that this game can be played online with players around the world, and it supports video link. In Match Master, players take turns playing on the same board, so their choices may affect each other. It not only considers the scores, but also the opportunities it will create for their opponents. You can also challenge your friends, if you play with friends, Match Masters will be more interesting. Every match you win helps you top the friend leaderboard!


Developer Notes
Match Masters is a casual competitive game of elimination gameplay. The game adopts a multiplayer online competitive gameplay, players can match opponents online. You can choose the skills which will become powerful as your strength increases. There are rich rewards waiting for you after winning the competition. Game features 1. Multiplayer game In Match Master, players take turns playing on the same game panel, so the choices they make affect each other. Every move has the potential to change the entire course of the game. 2. Compete with friends Matchmaker is more fun when you play with a friend! Every match you win can help you top the "Friends Leaderboard" and exchange gifts can help everyone improve! 3. Tournaments and Matches Play against other players in the available new tournaments to win great prizes and experience real-time gameplay. 4. Prove your skills Compete directly with others to win trophies and prove your skills. You'll be matched against players of a similar level to you. Win trophies to unlock new studios and compete with other players in the leaderboard! 5. Amazing Boosts Use the powerful boosters at the right time to power up your game and score satisfying flips and huge combos! Game highlights 1.Multiplayer online battles, it supports video link. 2.There are many tournaments, so you can get more rewards in the game. 3.You can unlock more skills through multiple battles. 4.Dynamic music make the game atmosphere more lively, more interesting! Game advantages 1.The rules of elimination are very simple, all the graphics appearing in the game can be clicked, the final score is based on the score obtained. 2.You can try a faster way to click the graphics in the game, according to the rules to complete the task of elimination, and finally you can also see the scores of other players. 3.Players need to have the patience to figure out the rules inside.
How to play
1.Play against others to earn stars and prove your skills. 2. Earn stars to unlock new game features and compete against other players in weekly league matches. 3. Each blue cloth you collect charges your booster, while your opponents collect red ones. 4. Use your powerful boosters at the right time to change the course of the game, make satisfying returns and score huge combinations. 5. Choose one of the 6 available boosters, each with its own style and effects.

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