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Marvel Contest of Champions


Updated : December 2, 2021

Version :33.1.1


Developer : Kabam Games, Inc.

Edit Notes
Marvel Contest of Champions is an action fighting game, adapted from the classic comic book "Marvel Super Heroes Fighting Champion" launched by Marvel in 1982. In the game, a number of familiar Marvel superheroes, such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor will appear. Players can control them to carry out intense and exciting fighting competition. The game restores the role of many heroes who appeared in Marvel comics, the ultimate game graphics, smooth combat experience, while each hero has its own characteristics of the general skill effects, it is very interesting. And the game is set to have two game modes, including PVE and PVP, PVE can be divided into two categories,including regular tasks and special tasks. The regular mission is similar to the story mode, which is one of the most basic game mode, players need to lead the superheroes under the guidance of the plot to complete nearly 100 game levels. Special tasks compared to regular tasks, there are not too many differences in the form of the game, only increased the choice of difficulty. The PVP modes available are 1V1, low-star 3V3, high-star 3V3 and full-star 3V3, etc. Players can choose freely according to their hero strength.


Developer Notes
Marvel Contest of Champions is a passionate action fighting game, based on the Marvel series of movies, realistic restore the characters in the movie. Its ultra-clear action combat will give you a cool game experience, come and try it! Game features 1.Create a unique champion team, collect powerful heroes and fight against powerful opponents. 2.High-definition picture quality to bring visual enjoyment. 3.The background is varied, this is a new beginning, greatly reducing visual fatigue. 4.A number of popular heroes at your disposal, you can choose your favorite hero to fight for you! 5.Experience more exciting action in the PVP arena mode, where you can bring the best team into the world. 6.From Captain Marvel to Dr. Strange, get everyone's favorite superheroes and level them up while playing thrilling epic missions. 7.Unleash the unique super powers of each character, allowing you to complete a variety of tasks. Game highlights 1.Real-time battles through epic 3D landscapes. 2.Participate in live events and take on new weekly missions. 3.Take your unique team of super heroes and super villains. 4.Get new sets of unique abilities to upgrade your character. Game advantages 1. Faithful to the original, original epic storyline recreated The game's episodic battles connect the stories of the heroes, giving players a deeper understanding of the concept of the Marvel parallel universe. Players can learn about the background and abilities of each hero's companion through the development of the campaign, and have the opportunity to expand their storylines in a more diverse way. 2. Superheroes interactive PK Marvel Contest of Champions allows players to perfectly interpret the extraordinary duel between superheroes by just sliding their fingers. 3. Shocking experience, high movie quality The game adopts HD, HD graphics bring players the visual of a blockbuster movie. Each character's moves in the game come from motion capture technology. The game's scenes are also carefully constructed, such as the S.H.I.E.L.D. building and other classic scenes which will be recreated in the game, it restores the original scenes with a sense of immersion. Game review This is a very fun simulation fighting game based on the theme of Marvel. Realistic 3D character modeling, smooth fighting experience, with a strong sense of combat, will certainly make you fall in love with a game. A variety of hero characters to choose at will, restore the characteristics of the classic heroes but make the role of special skills, if you like Marvel Contest of Champions, hurry to try it!
How to play
At the beginning of the game there is a new tutorial to explain to us the fighting basis, after the tutorial, you can enter the game, the game has a total of four kinds of play, campaign missions, event missions, arena, alliance mode. In addition to the campaign mode, the remaining three modes are required to get a certain level to unlock. The following is a brief description of how to play several modes. Campaign mode, everything is done to stop the conqueror's plan, this mode is divided into a task, each task is divided into many levels. We can get rewards such as experience or gold for each level challenge we complete, and more material rewards for completing the mission. Activity tasks, the game we get heroes which can be strengthened and breakthrough. The arena, the battle mode is to fight with the computer, the arena is to fight with other players online, the battle mode is divided into 1v1 and 3v3. The alliance mission, this mode must join the alliance to carry out.

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