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Lords Mobile: Tower Defense


Updated : September 30, 2021

Version :2.63


Developer : Fuzhou Tianmeng Digital Co.

Edit Notes
Lords Mobile Tower Defense is a true strategy war game! The game graphics and characters are created by Unity 3D, from the large distant scenery to the small details of the battle, every screen is exquisite, bringing players the ultimate visual enjoyment. Players can cultivate their own special heroes in the game, each hero has different characteristics, reasonable planning of legions and heroes is the key to victoryBuild your own kingdomUpgrade buildings, build walls, research technology, train armies, train heroes, and mine food.Military Formations and StrategiesThe four major types of troops and six formations are flexible and versatile, and they are mutually exclusive, turning defense into offense. If you can know yourself and your opponent, your strategy is clear, and the right formation perfectly matches the hero's advanced legion skills, you will be able to win with weaknesses and strengths, and never lose a battle!


Developer Notes
Lords Mobile: Tower DefenseLords Mobile is a combination RPG/SLG video game developed and published byIGG, and is available to download onAndroid,iOS, andSteam. The game is free to play and offers in-app purchases. The official description of the game states that it has more than 200 million players around the world. In 2016, Lords Mobile won theGoogle Play Awardsfor "Best Competitive Game",and in 2017 it was nominated for "Best Multiplayer Game"and called "Android Excellence Game" by Google.This is just like playing game of war, except with a slight twist and better graphics. A little more captivating game play that will keep you engaged while you're waiting to start new constructions or researches.It’s such an amazing game and offers translation tool which breaks many language barriers. It allows people from all over the world who are all different nationalities to play together as a team with no racism.The major drawback shared by most of the players is this game is really pay to play. The more you spend, the faster you can build your castle and destroy others. Those that are free to play struggle more because the wait times and cost on high levels buildings, equipment and materials is astronomical. You have to purchase to speed up the process. Some even believes that you have to be a millionaire to play and win. You’ve got to have a bottomless money pit.This game has the potential to be something super positive in the world. And it’s a shame that it’s pushed further and further into a cash grab and cyber casino.
How to play
Strategy. As the academy is upgraded, some level restrictions in R&D technology will be unlocked. This will help to improve the economy, military, defense and development of the territory of the lords. It is also a great technique to quickly improve the overall strength, so you should think about how to effectively develop technology and accelerate the accumulation of your own strength. When the lord's level increases step by step, it is up to the lord to decide whether to improve the strength of the army or the development of resources. How to achieve the best combination of technology at the moment, this is the problem that every lord must think about in the game! It is important for you to understand the relationship between the military types in the game. This way, whether you are defending a city or plundering a battle, you will be able to make the best combination of configurations. The lords will be able to attack everything and win everything! ! There are many lords although not many troops, but the wall technology is very high. There are many lords who do not have a lot of troops, but the wall technology is very high, such as a brick wall, and this time the siege weapon is very valuable! However, the production resources of siege weapons are a bit higher than other types of soldiers. The lords should protect them well when using them! The classification of the military class: crossbow → stone thrower → siege crossbow → city breaker

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