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Last Shelter: Survival


Updated : September 17, 2021

Version :1.250.219

Size:Varies with device

Developer : Long Tech Network Limited

Edit Notes
Last Shelter Survival is a cool and exciting 3D doomsday survival game, cool placement management, exciting wargames duel, recruiting legendary heroes, exciting challenges to try to kill, action duel is waiting for you. Don’tmissa novel adventure journey. The game tells the story of the zombie army invasion, you will play the commander, the formation of the army, and zombies to fight the story, a wealth of weapons can choose, a variety of strategic combat gameplay, eliminate zombies, rebuild their homes.


Developer Notes
In similar games, we enhance the amount of resources obtained means probably only upgrade the level of resource buildings and research skills, but in this game has added other forms, such as transport routes, resource building distribution, as well as through a reasonable distribution of resources to obtain more efficient resource collection, The game adds hunger design, in the time of sufficient food residents have the full output capacity, if the food Insufficient food, the residents will enter a state of hunger, while affecting the production of wood, electricity, food and other resources. 1.Stimulating survival battle, doomsday action resources to compete. 2.Online challenge exciting unlimited, night travel zombie attack, dodge the dangerous zombie group. 3.The management of the placement of exciting challenges, exciting competition is waiting for you to download the trial experience. Game features 1.Everything to survive The zombie virus is scattered everywhere, human beings are facing the danger of falling into the walking dead, we must ensure that there are enough supplies for us to survive in this zombie-filled world. As a commander, your first duty is to build shelters and protect your people. Lead the people in your shelter to survive, fight against the zombies and rebuild the human home! 2.Rebuild Shelter Surviving is only the first step, you must rebuild your city. Roads are the most important link between cities.City planning is an important strategy for the development of the city, and you must plan the city with operational efficiency in mind. It's time to show your wisdom! 3.Find Followers Save survivors in the grand world map, make them follow you and become your fighting force. Make alliances with other players and gather your strength to fight against the zombies! Protect your allies from being looted. 4.Trade In a post-apocalyptic world, supplies are the key to development, and trade helicopters can provide you with trade support for free. Use your wits to buy the supplies you need to grow your shelter at the lowest cost and sell your excess resources at the highest price.
How to play
The main plot of the building (upgrade) task as a clue, we do not need to brush additional copies to understand the plot, only according to the existing task to complete the corresponding building (upgrade) operation can open a chapter of the story, so that people can clearly understand the game background and the main line of pulse.

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