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Klondike Adventures


Updated : November 4, 2021

Version :2.47.1

Size:Varies with device

Developer : VIZOR APPS LTD.

Edit Notes
Klondike Adventure is a game developed by VIZOR APPS LTD. that combines management and adventure elements, allowing players to not only start a farm life, but also go on an adventure. Klondike Adventure is a mobile game based on the gold rush, with a high degree of freedom in gameplay, a variety of building, repairing and perfecting your residence, and players can take an adventure. Explore the north, explore with the seasoned adventurer Paul, pass through dangerous places, complete difficult tasks and become a true adventurer, but be sure to build a city first, mine resources, build factories, develop an economically prosperous metropolis, and be well prepared for the dangerous adventures. The background of the game takes place in the gold rush period, players need to go with the old adventurer Paul to the cold northern Alaskan wilderness, in order to build a strong and prosperous city, at the beginning, the land has no crops, the local residents are also living a very hard life, you need to transform the land, plant food crops, solve the problem of food and clothing, and then consider the development of economic trade You need to transform the land, plant food crops, solve the problem of food, and then consider the development of economic and trade, to create a strongest city.


Developer Notes
Klondike Adventures is an adventure game, players in the game need to go with everyone to a vast land adventure, and then find this place to start panning for gold, Klondike Adventures game can turn you into a total adventurer, this is a very interesting game, welcome to download! Travel to Gold Rush time with Klondike Adventures! Travel back in time to the Gold Rush era in Klondike Adventures! Explore the wild territories of Alaska with the brave Kate and the adventurous and savvy Paul. Build a mighty and prosperous city in this vast, cold land! The world of Klondike is full of exciting adventures, hidden treasures, great opportunities and challenging quests! Game features: 1. Welcome to the gold rush era! Go exploring the North and become a true adventurer. 2. Complete challenging, but enjoyable tasks! Help explorers Kate and Paul solve the mysteries of the locals. 3. Take an abandoned station into a booming city! Build factories, mine resources and craft everything you need for the adventure missions. 4. Start your own farm in the wilderness! Raise animals and crop harvests, make food and clothes for yourself and trade with the locals. 5. Enjoy amazing landscapes and scenery! Every corner is filled with wonders and mysteries. 6. Meet remarkable people and hear their compelling stories on your journey. 7. The wild lands of Alaska hold many secrets and thrilling adventures. Play Klondike now and enjoy your gold panning experience! There are hidden treasures everywhere, and only through continuous exploration can you discover the mysteries; bravely explore the wild lands, create your own world and make it more and more prosperous; gather more buddies to complete the northern gold rush adventure together and harvest a lot of money and treasures. Make full use of the resources at your disposal, plant crops, raise livestock, increase production and accumulate resources. After a certain level of farm development, start building city buildings, increase the number of stores, selling goods, so that the economic circulation. There are a lot of secrets hidden in the deep mountains.
How to play
1.Players need to enter the wilderness of Alaska first, mining resources, building factories, building cities and bases, preparing all the items needed for the next expedition, and preparing for the next thrilling adventure to begin. 2.At the same time players can also establish a farm in the wilderness, raising animals, harvesting crops, making food and clothes, trade with the locals, prepare sufficient necessities to start the adventure. 3.After preparing sufficient necessities and various props, players can enter the wilderness and start an adventure to explore the wilderness and experience the secrets hidden in it. 4.Finally, the player can record what they have seen and heard, as well as a series of dangers experienced, the process of solving the difficulties, and share the adventure with the local people.

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