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Kingdom Two Crowns


Updated : November 15, 2021

Version :1.1.13


Developer : Raw Fury

Edit Notes
Kingdom: Two Crowns is a pixel strategy game that not only upgrades the visual effects in the classic painting style, but also makes substantial progress in the gameplay, which will also let you have fun in the new campaign mode. And through constant updates, it also has been linked with various well-known IPs, and players can have fun in the process of governing the kingdom. Kingdoms: Two Crowns is an updated version of the game series based on the challenging and famous micro-strategy experience. This game features a new campaign mode where crowns must work to build a kingdom that will stand the test of time until they find a way to defeat the ravenous creatures once and for all. Recruit new types of troops and develop advanced technology to strengthen your defenses. Explore new scenarios to discover new mounts and hidden elements. Revisit and fully revive your kingdom as you advance through the campaign mode. But you don't have to rule alone! Kingdoms: Two Crowns is a unique cooperative gaming experience, with monarchs now able to choose between the classic single player experience or enlist the help of friends for local or online co-op, or you can join or leave the game at will. Challenges await all players who seek it, whether you're a first-time player or a hardcore fan. So brave up, great crown, in the final analysis, two monarchs rule better than one!


Developer Notes
Kingdom:Two Crowns is a very fun role-playing game, Kingdom:Two Crowns has a new gameplay, beautiful graphics and cool special effects. In Kingdom:Two Crowns, game player is in a new continent, he has to start from a brick to a tile, slowly become the ruler of this continent. The game has a lot of new scenes, new levels and new characters compared to its predecessor, the sound effects are 100% brand new, and the graphics will also be greatly improved. New features, new strategies: With a wealth of new features, including technology upgrades, troop types, hidden elements and enemies, crowns need to plan wisely to ensure their kingdoms thrive. New Campaign Mode: Based on the classic micro-strategy design that made Kingdoms a success, crowns can now build timeless kingdoms in a multi-stage campaign mode to stop the ravenous creatures from attacking once and for all. Two monarchs to rule them all: You don't need to venture out to fight to build a kingdom alone! Join/exit co-op locally or online at will to strategize and defend your realm together. Challenges await all players who seek it, whether you're a first-time player or a hardcore fan. So brave up, great monarchs, in the final analysis, two monarchs rule better than one! After release, Kingdom Two Crowns will be updated and expanded as players venture through alien biomes around the world. On the first day of release, players will be able to travel to landscapes, architecture and cultures inspired by feudal Japan. Play as a majestic shogun or samurai woman, recruit ninjas to support you, lead soldiers in battle on the backs of mythical gryphons, form new strategies and bravely advance against ravenous creatures hiding deep in the bamboo forests. We'll keep the exploration, discovery, and survival strategy experience alive in Kingdom Two Crowns, along with more themed biomes, each with unique styles and traits that will refresh and change the way players rule the land. Kingdoms: Two Crowns is not only set in medieval Europe, but also. Land of the Dead: Delve into the dark lands of the kingdom. Take on unique monarchs such as Miriam the Shardman from the gothic horror action role-playing game "Red Scars" and gain the corresponding powerful traits. Ride a giant beetle to lay traps, a bizarre undead creature to summon obstacles and stop greedy creatures, or a mysterious demonic creature called Gamecock from Red Scars to launch powerful sprint attacks. Players will have a horror experience like never before! Japan's Shogunate: Travel to a new land with architecture and culture inspired by Japan's feudal era. Take on the role of a powerful Shogun or Samurai woman, enlist ninjas, ride the divine beast Kirin, lead your army into battle, and battle the ravenous creatures deep in the bamboo forest.
How to play
In Kingdoms: Two Crowns, players in a necessary time is required to let the soldiers follow their own, but many players do not know how to operate to achieve the operation of the soldiers follow their own, in fact, only need to meet an operation, you can let the soldiers follow the king, and then you can do the corresponding operation, the following brings the soldiers follow their own method of introduction. If you want to let the soldiers follow you, you can only engage in explosives, then the knight will follow you to the cave, either 4 gold to send soldiers to attack the door, then the soldiers take the initiative to attack, not counting the follow you. You can take 3 pairs of knights to the next island, 2 of them in the direction of the cave, 1 in the direction of the dock, only on one side that you did not bring enough knights. The red brick is unlocked on the 3rd island. The scythe adds to the harvesting speed, right, and it seems that there is a plowed area. If you want people to follow you, you must first unlock the second island Stone Age, the walls to the highest, and then the walls on both sides can hang flags, this time you recruit beggars to him to take the flag will be composed of five people a team of riding soldiers, such riding soldiers you can bring three teams on board. The three people you say go up are three craftsmen, plus four archers on board, right? You get four teams of knights will go up three, but be careful not to get all riding soldiers at once in the early stages.

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