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King of Avalon: Dominion


Updated : September 18, 2021

Version :11.9.0


Developer : Century Games Limited


Get King of Avalon: Dominion

For reference, The game download websites are all approved, which is from Google Play ,App Store, Amazon and APK website.There are no viruses and malware. Please feel safe to get it.

Edit Notes

Avalon King of Avalon: Dominion is a medieval war action game, is the sequel of the King of Avalon, the game graphics are very exquisite, large scenes are also smooth HD, the game is full of this adventure, if you want to dominate the kingdom frontier, then be brave, face the enemy, this battle depends on themselves.

Put on your armor and fight!

Harness the dragon to strengthen the army, draw the sword to be the king. The road of the king not only has the power and glory, but also like-minded friends and fierce enemies. King Arthur's legend has ended, your legend has begun. Battle eight sides, become the hegemony, dream back to the Middle Ages!

Developer Notes

Chat & Play! The simple translation feature brings together thousands of players from all over the world for this real-time multiplayer war.

◆ Strategy! Research and master the attack and defense skills of your army to ensure you have an advantage over your magical enemies. Know when to be stealthy and when to order an invasion in this PvP adventure!

◆ Build! Build the foundation of an empire strong enough to survive in the Dragonfire Warzone!

◆ Experience realistic gameplay in every mission. Manage and produce resources, build your army, conquer kingdoms and win the throne!

◆ Epic free-to-play MMO fantasy adventure! The legendary life of Camelot. Awesome monsters and dragons!

Make strategy your ally and build the greatest army ever in this multiplayer RTS game! Become one of the heroes of the King of Avalon and become a myth of the Dragonfire War!

How to play

◆ The battle is everywhere! Develop your city, grow your army, and prepare for war with your allies - countless eyes are waiting for the throne! ◆ Strategy is king! Research more skills and master powerful technology. The dragon is invisible and the soldier is moving with the camera! Don't forget to develop! Quickly build and develop your territory to be invincible in the chaotic world of war! ◆ You can't make a forest on your own, unity depends on alliance! Whether it's a GvE rally to challenge barbarian leaders or a PvP battle between players, a trustworthy alliance will make the battle twice as successful. ◆ Dragon Awakening! The legendary creature is capable of delivering great devastating blows. And how will you tame it? ◆ Magic masterpiece! The legend of Camelot is recreated in style! Intimidating monsters and fine HD graphics are called out.


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