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Human:Fall Flat


Updated : June 25, 2021

Version :1.7


Developer : 505 Games Srl

Edit Notes
HumanFall Flat is a casual puzzle action game. The gameplay is very simple, and the characters in the game are very localized and distinctive, and both the character shapes and the game graphics are extremely detailed, bringing you a different kind of gaming experience! The game focuses on the use of advanced physics and innovative controls to cope with a wide range of challenges. Bauer's Falling Dreams is full of puzzles, solutions and distracting experiments for hilarious results. The world may be dystopian, but the laws of physics are very real. Players can make the most of the interactive environment, picking up anything they want, climbing to anywhere they want, or taking anything they want with them.In HumanFall Flat, we play as a chubby, white, little man with not a single extra material on his body. He walks as if he were a bloated drunk, as if he would fall to the ground at any time, and the pair of noodle-like arms are all he has to interact with the world. Through these two noodles, we will solve a series of environmental puzzles, and the wacky world will assist the wacky little man in trying to amuse us in our repeated failed attempts


Developer Notes
HumanFall Flat is a first-person action game in which the protagonist's two arms are like two elastic magnets, and the left and right mouse buttons control one of the arms respectively. Hand can be attached to the surface of any object in the game, grabbing, climbing and other actions to rely on this mechanism to "manually" achieve. Don't look quite simple, but in fact to operate accurately is very difficult, many times Bob can only go over very low obstacles, placing items is a torture.In the game, in addition to single-player combat, you can also choose to multiplayer online.The real difficulty and fun of the HumanFall Flat game is in the operation level, where the player has direct and complete control over the character. Nothing is scripted, and nothing will limit you from trying.The LAN online mode allows you to stumble through the many dream worlds with one friend.. Paint your Bob with your own features or replace your own face with his via online video.Eight beautiful dream worlds are waiting for you to explore their mysteries.
How to play
This game is very simple, is to break through the levels with friends to win. First we open the game, the play button is the start button, the options are the settings, the custom button is to customize the skin and color of your character. Click on the play button, the first one is to read the progress of your last game, then the fourth button is to create a room or join another player's room The most special thing about this game is the online gameplay, call three buddies together to figur

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