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Updated : September 8, 2021

Version :4.8.4


Developer : Playrix


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For reference, The game download websites are all approved, which is from Google Play ,App Store, Amazon and APK website.There are no viruses and malware. Please feel safe to get it.

Edit Notes

Homescapes is a very classic raising simulation type game, in which the player has to help Austin, the housekeeper, to clean the dilapidated mansion again, to make the mansion have the atmosphere of life, to make the mansion warm and comfortable again, by eliminating the way to pass the level, after passing the level you can freely decide the decoration of every place in the mansion

Please enter! When you step through the door is when the adventure begins! Break through the colorful triple elimination levels to renovate and decorate the rooms in the mansion, and unlock exciting family stories in the process of breaking through the levels What are you waiting for? Come and dress up your home! What are you waiting for? Don't be shy!

The house decoration is up to you. Uncover all the secrets inside the mansion! Help Austin renovate the house by swapping and matching blocks, the game is packed with unique enhanced props and explosive combinations for fun!

Developer Notes

Homescapes is a free-to-play puzzle game. It was developed and launched by Plarix in 2017.

At its core, Homescapes is a match-3 puzzle game with a story progression and home & décor meta layers. In other words, players need to solve match-3 puzzles to earn the resources needed to renovate and decorate a home.

Due to its simple gameplay and visual style, Homescapes belongs to the casual genre. As of now, the game has been downloaded more than 438 million times. That’s extraordinary – not many games have achieved this.

Homescapes follows the adventure of the main character Austin who returns to his childhood mansion and begins to restore it. The butler tries to convince his parents not to sell the house, sprucing up the place. Helping him, players receive tasks in the To-do list that they can tackle by solving match-3 puzzles. Assignments range from installing new stairs and restoring the statues in the main hall to petting a cat. Completing every puzzle level, players receive in-game currency and a Star reward that is necessary to complete tasks. Coins are needed to buy lives and power-ups for puzzle levels or customize the mansion with more than 100,000 design patterns. Players can pick out wallpaper, furniture, and other decorations.

Being a casual game, Homescapes attracts primarily casual gamers. This type of mobile gamer plays to pass the time and simply wants to be entertained and have some fun during a break.

Parents need to know that Homescapes is a simple match-3 puzzle game paired with a home decorating simulator, and as such, has no objectionable content. Players can use real-world money to purchase in-game currency, which is then used to continue playing or to buy power-ups.

Homescapes is primarily a match-3 game, it attracts gamers who love challenging puzzles and problem-solving. Thinkers like puzzle-solving mechanics, and new game mechanics being introduced as the game progresses. Homescapes has all of that.

 The criticism is from the misleading ads for Homescapes bear little relation to the actual product should be banned. It showed a game where users pull pins in a specific order to solve a puzzle - though the actual games had totally different "core gameplay".

 The ads are meant to actively targeting consumers that are more likely to pay for in-app purchases, or sit through a higher number of ads. However, an increasing number of gamers are becoming annoyed with irrelevant, misleading and badly implemented mobile game ads.

 Furthermore, Homescapes terms state they collect personal information such as: Contact information (such as name or nickname or email you submit as part of your register for our Services or log-in or via social networks), data about your account and game progress, IP address and unique mobile device identification numbers, which raises concern on the data privacy among the gamer community.

In conclusion, Homescapes is a popular, easy to play casual game that some people might enjoy playing it, especially those who prefer shorter playing sessions. Of course, you need keep one eye closed with those misleading ads! 




How to play

The game operation is simple and interesting. For example: the breakthrough mode, within the specified number of steps, to complete the challenge of different goals, not familiar with the three elimination play a class of players, often have the situation of the card, here to provide some small advice, the first is to complete the target elimination object priority, encounter can not be eliminated before considering the consumption of bombs or functional props, functional props such as small air


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