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Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles


Updated : November 3, 2021

Version :1.123.009

Size:Varies with device


Edit Notes
Hero Wars is a heroic beautiful fantasy battle adventure game, fighting for ultimate power in PVP arena battles, fierce battles and RPG battles. Hundreds of years ago, the vast lands of Dominion were thriving and vibrant everywhere. But then came the forces of evil, led by the Great Evil, bent on conquering this perfect world. His army is exceptionally powerful and cruel. Someone must stand up and stop this chaos and become the guardian of Dominion. Assemble your league of heroes, train and upgrade them to be invincible! Now, your mission is to reclaim the encroached lands from the evil forces of the Great Evil. Relying on a loyal army, you will win and bring peace back to Dominion. Each time the heroes gain combat power, the player needs to break the mechanism, so as to destroy the enemies more easily; Train your heroes to have stronger skills so that they can pass the later levels ; The game also has an arena and a big arena where you can fight with other players to make the game more interesting. If you like to play a battle game, download Hero Wars right now, you can play it anytime, anywhere.


Developer Notes
Hero Wars is a very fun and interesting RPG, the game provides a large number of card heroes for you to choose, in addition you have to have a certain strategy to train your own lineup, constantly upgrade the character level, enhance the strength, so you can more easily defeat a variety of strong opponents players, and each time you win, you will unlock new heroes and plots, the stronger the reward will be more rich, the stronger the reward will be more abundant. You not only need brute force but also need to have some strategy to become a strong player. Each hero in the game has their own unique skills and attributes that you have to be very familiar with, and it is vital that you match your heroes reasonably for battle. Each hero character can unlock new skills as soon as they level up, and at the same time the combat power will be greatly enhanced, it will be easier for you to achieve victory. The system will also carry out various activities from time to time, and if you are lucky, you can also get various rare props for free, and using them wisely can help you unlock more difficult levels. In the game you need to choose the appropriate hero lineup according to the different enemies to fight, the freedom to create a unique way to play, which is very interesting. Every time you win a battle, your hero's level and experience will increase, and your combat ability will become stronger, and you will also be able to obtain various rare items. During the challenge if you can destroy the epic monsters, you can also get double rewards, and may burst powerful weapons. Game Features: 1.Battle strength is soaring every day, refining special attack weapons to kill all kinds of enemies in seconds. 2.Flexible and versatile hand speed to support your confrontation, smoothly finish all the opponents on the line to advance. 3.There are lovely elves around to accompany you, and the time to enter the copy will be controlled to collect many items. Game Highlights: 1.Specially set up the way of hanging, relying on the flexible fingertips to slide, think of the best route forward. 2.Kill monsters that bring rich items, face dangerous situations all around you and act carefully. 3.The goal of conquering the Dark Continent remains the same, persist for a longer time and build the strongest team to open the duel in depth. Hero Wars is a very fun and magical strategy card game, in which you can freely train your own heroes to deal with different strong opponents, and you have to work hard to improve the heroes' level to make them stronger. The game is designed with a variety of levels for you to challenge, and the difficulty of each level is different, the further you go, the stronger the monsters will be, and the more difficult it will be to successfully defeat them.
How to play
Contents dozens of heroes with unique skills. Train your heroes and unveil their new skills. Take part in epic battles and adventures. Fight against the chiefs and capture their battle power. Participate in events to earn rewards or rare items. Fight against other players in arenas and grand arenas. Find allies and join a guild, or create your own and lead it to victory.

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