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Hay Day


Updated : December 1, 2021

Version :1.53.46


Developer : Supercell

Edit Notes
Welcome to Hay Day - the most popular farm management game on phones and tablets, ranked #1 in 122 countries. Players should get to know the terrain, tend to your crops and trade items with your friends and neighbors. Here, you will enjoy a happy farm life with animals of different habits! Hay Day is a cartoon style, fun and easy simulation game developed by Supercell Oy and released on June 21, 2012. The game is not just a general management game of buying and selling, but also incorporates strategy, because there is an industrial chain, the harvesting of plants in the farm to animal breeding and then to the production of semi-finished products, are all interlocked, so the number of planting in each link is a test of the player's management strategy, so this game is not a general mechanical management game.


Developer Notes
Hay Day is a very fun management game, in this game we will have our own farm, you need to familiarize yourself with the terrain and sowing to plant a variety of crops, and you will live here with a variety of interesting animals! Hay Day has a very high popularity, it has easy and interesting mode of play with a cartoon classic interface style. There are a large number of props and buildings waiting for you to collect. The overall layout of the cartoon farm game is relatively large, the theme of Hay Day makes the player happy, and there are different farms and processing plants waiting for players to make, players can experience the fun of farming in Hay Day, each different animal expressions are also very magical, which can definitely give you the feeling of joy! Game features 1.The game has a lot of crops for you, and you can also use the currency here to buy game items! 2.There are a variety of cute little animals, and you will live with them here! 3.Buy seeds if you pass by the market side of the store, and you can plant fruit and vegetables which can be sold into money! Game highlights  1. This is a great farm game. 2. Hay Day is a real farm operation. With the level up and more diversified agricultural products, you can meet the different orders of the guests, there is a storage limit of the granary and warehouse. 3. Global trade, you can trade with friends all over the world. Game review From the point of view of the game's graphics, the entire graphics of Hay Day are incredibly detailed, from the farm buildings to a frog by the pond. As for social aspects, in the game players can only communicate with each other by trading. The price of the items in the transaction has an upper and lower limit. The merchant's fun of buying at a low price and selling at a high price is also reflected to the fullest. From the overall perspective of the game, Hay Day tries the best efforts to simulate a farm life. The feeling is overwhelming, and the delicate graphics seem to suck the player into another world in general. If you are interested in this game, come and try it now!
How to play
1.In the early, you can plant a variety of crops such as wheat, corn and then sold in bulk, because the harvest of crops is a certain chance to get the reward, these rewards are generally building materials or axes. 2.If you want to upgrade the level, you can use small trucks and freighters to deliver, you should pay more attention to the roadside store next to the bulletin board, there are often some activities to get double gold or experience. 3.Hay Day latest version of the community function is really great! There are some national partners, through the community you can send a request to get items from other people.

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