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Harry Potter: Puzzles&Spells


Updated : January 4, 2022

Version :40.2.777


Developer : Zynga

Edit Notes
Harry Potter: Puzzles&Spells is a casual game of elimination, players are able to carry out a variety of triple elimination challenges. You can experience a variety of original movie storylines, there are a superb variety of magic and props, you should adjust the four colleges of rune stones to eliminate and release a variety of magic. In addition to the breakout adventure, there are also rich elements of nurturing and then you will have fun. The game is licensed by Warner Bros. and is based on the popular fantasy novel Harry Potter, a film series by British author J.K. Rowling. In the game, in addition to the familiar puzzle level challenges, players will also add elements of the original wizarding world such as the development of new spells, the production of various magic potions, and magical pranks for players to experience!


Developer Notes
Harry Potter: Puzzles&Spells is the triple elimination game with the theme of a Harry Potter magic world, the game play is very novel, you can experience the fun of restoring the plot of the movie game, the game is simple it just needs to follow the game’s pattern. In the game, players will travel in the magic world, open a unique adventure, and then through the elimination of the way to pass the level. If you are interested in Harry Potter: Puzzles&Spells, come to experience it! Game features 1.The gameplay is novel, more diversified than the traditional triple elimination games. 2.When you meet difficulties, you can try to synthesize a powerful combination of props or use props and then you will pass the level. 3.This is not only a game of leisure and entertainment, but also a reminiscence of childhood. Game highlights 1.The level design is creative, in addition to the traditional elimination of the play, it has more content related to the plot of the novel. 2.You can choose your favorite character to start this magic elimination travel, collect various elements to complete the elimination challenge. 3.There are a variety of play modes presented to you, including a casual raising system. 4.Harry Potter IP theme, story plot, character archetypes and other real reproduction of the game. 5.Fast-paced elimination gameplay, as well as making magic potions, rune development and other new links. 6.The original world view and the magic world will also be perfectly presented, all can be truly experienced. Game advantages 1.Simple elimination game, you can duel with various wizards, and constantly practice your operation skills. 2.Harry Potter will bring you an unforgettable experience, with a lot of interesting plot. 3.The new elimination game mode, it integrates the story plot. Game review In this game, the original story plot and worldview settings will be added, and it will include the familiar characters in the movie, players can also challenge through a variety of tasks to obtain new magic and props, or enhance their own character skills and levels, or use the collected props to decorate their own characters, and start their own exclusive new magic adventure!
How to play
1.The game has a variety of colors of candies and there are all kinds of magic mark on these candies. 2.You must eliminate these candies as much as possible, only then you can successfully pass the magic test. 3.Each wizard is very talented, and they have different abilities. 4.The player needs to constantly move the candy in the game, as long as there is the same color connection, then you can successfully eliminate. 5.The game will also encounter with a variety of classic characters. 6.Confrontation with various evil wizards, full of all kinds of elimination feast.

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