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Genshin Impact


Updated : August 20, 2021

Version :2.1.0_3981765_4073622


Developer : miHoYo

Edit Notes
In the exquisite magic continent, players will experience the adventure and challenge. The novelty of the game is full of fun, and there are many cute characters waiting for players to unlock and cultivate, and the unlimited draws sent online are also sincere. This is an independent open world where players are free to adventure and meet different partners with different personalities but outstanding abilities. Genshin Impact is a new open-world adventure game developed by MihaYou. The game takes place in a fantasy world called "Tivat", where those chosen by the gods will be granted the "Eye of God" to channel the power of the elements. At the same time, gradually discovering the truth about the "original gods". Beautifully detailed secondary scenes and facially stunning character shapes, both of which add to the game, and some of the game's stunning macro backgrounds. The plot is also very attractive, and the sense of combat is even more explosive. Enjoy the most thrilling adventure in the fantasy world, and defeat the ultimate demon king together with your companions!


Developer Notes
Genshin Impact is a free to play adventure game created by the transformation of the Zelda game, where the player will have to rely on their own efforts to pick up a variety of weapons, but also to battle with a variety of bosses, you still have the physical value, you need to eat the stored fruit or meat dropped after fighting monsters in order to fill the stomach, that sounds interesting! Features: 1.The world view is created very much in place, big world and interesting adventure, is not free exploration all the things that players are now chasing? 2.The combat fighting screen is also very percussive, especially the team together to brush the dragon bosses of this kind of high content, it is enough to describe with stunning;. 3.The plot to create the top is also to give a feeling of extreme depth, the whole game is written around a plot clue, which is quite thought-provoking! Highlights: 1.Open World, Free Exploration The Original Gods is an open-world adventure game, which means that from the moment you enter Tivat, there is always a way to see new landscapes as long as you plan your physical strength wisely, whether it's over mountains or across rivers. If you see wandering fairy spirits and strange devices, why not go up to explore and see if you are greeted with a surprise? 2.Art and music, quality presentation The art style of "Original Gods" is fresh and transparent, with real-time rendering of transitions and character movements through motion capture and meticulous adjustments to present high-quality performance effects. With the 24-hour day and night change, the weather and music also change dynamically, no matter where you are, you can always listen to the world's top orchestras such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to play with regional characteristics. 3.Many partners, together with the adventure In the journey of adventure, you can also meet partners with unique abilities, you may want to explore the best team, with the materials collected during the journey to strengthen the character, and eventually the continent of magic and secret places will be conquered by you. Standing on the top of the absolute clouds, cloudy, rainy and snowy, clouds seem to be in front of you.
How to play
The map for the original God such an open world adventure game, its importance is self-evident, here to bring you the original God full map landmarks location list, the partners in the open run map when you can not so much effort, fear of getting lost and so on. The important landmarks on the map are listed for you, and you can use them when you are running in the wilderness. If there is a partner card adventure group level, it is recommended to solve by running the map, and do not intend to run the map can be more brush experience book, of course, physical strength is essential. The game is a big consumer of stamina, and there are often situations where it is not enough. The most important thing is that you can get a lot of physical strength, adventure experience, original stones and the wind seal, etc. The physical strength limit is raised, and naturally the physical strength is also more. The problem is how to get the "Lost TEEEL", which can be found by exploring the big map and opening the box. In addition, we can also find Wind God pupils in buildings, mid-air and on top of mountains, so you may want to look upwards when you are looking for them. It is worth mentioning that when we are close to the "Lost TEEEL", a blue cross will appear on the mini map.

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