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Updated : August 20, 2021

Version :2.1.0_3981765_4073622


Developer : miHoYo


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Edit Notes

Genshin Impact is a super open world adventure game play adventure tour, with a sophisticated sense of graphics, open world mode, where the player origin will have to rely on their own efforts to pick up a variety of weapons, but also to face the open world adventure game bosses, of course, you still have the stamina value, you need to eat the stored fruit or meat dropped after fighting monsters to fill the stomach, the whole Play or let people straight out of the interesting it! Interesting adventure gameplay, you can also team up with players themselves, 

In the game you will play a mysterious character named "traveler", in the freedom of travel to meet different temperament, different abilities of partners, and together with them to defeat the enemy, find the lost family - at the same time, gradually uncover the truth of the "original god". The original gods game has extremely exquisite and beautiful graphics, players will step into a magical world in the game, following the main characters such as Kaiya, Qin, Amber, etc., a fun-filled adventure. What are you hesitating for? Come and play!

DEveloper Notes

Genshin Impact is an gacha-based role-playing game, developed and published by miHoYo. It was first released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS in September 2020.

Genshin Impact has an anime style open-world environment, as well as an action-based battle system. It allows you to control one of four interchangeable characters in a party. Switching between characters can be done quickly during combat, allowing you to use several different combinations of skills and attacks.

The game takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat, which is home to seven distinct nations, each of which is tied to a different element and ruled by a different god. Once you step into Teyvat, a vast world teeming with life and flowing with elemental energy, as a traveler. You and your sibling arrived here from another world. Separated by an unknown god, stripped of your powers, and cast into a deep slumber, you now awake to a world very different from when you first arrived.  You can attempt various challenges for rewards and enhance your strength. Completing these challenges grants you progress towards increasing you Adventure Rank, which in turn unlocks new quests, challenges, and raises the World Level. The World Level is a measure of how strong the enemies within the world are and the rarity of rewards that defeating them gives.

Genshin Impact is known to be quite confusing for new players and can overwhelm them with its jargon. There are ranking systems, lots of different characters, items, and other things to keep in mind while playing this game. Besides this, new players always end up making mistakes. Here are some tips we would like to share with new players:

1.     Purchase an existing Genshin Impact account, rather than start from scratch. You do no have to just repeat things over and over again to gain experience. An existing account contains level up characters and many other things that you can choose yourself. Also you can choose what you want from the account that you are purchasing.

 2.     As your characters level up, you’ll have to fight increasingly stronger monsters.  You need to acquire artifacts that increase attach stats so that you will be able to go much more damage to the enemy than before. Try to find artifacts with “ATK +X%” and “ATK +X” and equip them.

 3.     You are exploring the world of Teyvat, this is full of secrets and hidden places. You might find a puzzle that you’re not able to solve at the current moment due to a lack of stats or elemental abilities. In such a situation, you’ll have to leave the area to get the required stats. However, you should mark the area on the map so that it won’t be lost. Also, you should mark the areas with rare resources so that you can come back visit when you need to. Make sure you only pin the crucial areas, as you only have 99 pins.

 4.     When you are at a higher level, there will be a severe shortage of supplies and items that increase experience points and provide you with better materials. So you should plan the resources wisely, do not max every character, you can max the ones to help you combat and keep the rest to collect resources for you.

Keep the tips in mind, however, also make you have enough rest while playing this addictive Genshin Impact. 

Genshin Impact had grossed revenue of over $393 million within two months after release, and over $1 billion by the end of March 2021. It’s the third highest revenue from a mobile game during that time frame,  after Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile, making it one of the highest grossing mobile games of all time and the fastest game to reach that milestone on Google Play and the App Store.

How to play

The walls, mountains, trees and boxes in the game can basically be climbed over, and the character will automatically perform climbing actions when close to the obstacles. Press the space bar to scamper up a short distance to speed up the climbing rate, and press the X button to jump off the wall. Climbing process also needs to consume physical energy, on the Android version, Genshin Impact game in addition to pay attention to stop on the wall when the physical energy is not restored. When the

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