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Game of Sultans


Updated : December 18, 2021

Version :3.7.01


Developer : Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.

Edit Notes
Game of Sultan is a strategic empire game. The game takes place in Sultan, where the player is a wise and virtuous monarch who learns strategies to build the country and train an army to defeat those who come to offend the country. In the game, players can experience the life in sultan, you can be a king of Europe and the Middle East. So that players can immerse themselves in warfare, military strategy, flirtatious romance, empire management and political intrigue. Game of Sultan is about the wars between various lords. The world we appear is a world of power and struggle, and they definitely need more effort to really bring these armies to life, especially in the later stages, when we have a lot of territories, and we need to make a plan.


Developer Notes
Game of Sultans is a strategy game, players can run their own country, from military, life and other aspects. There are many wars waiting for players to participate in the game, it is time to show their strength. Game features 1.It gives you a new historical plot and a variety of western experience, at the same time it brings the western ancient society, which will also give you a different experience. You can build the empire to develop the army and become the master of the empire! 2.You will take the role of the king and get more fun in exotic ancient world. You can enjoy your life and experience it. 3. The story of western society staged out, it is a real world. We will be the emperor in the western empire. Game highlights 1. Organize your army and send them to declare war on the world, to realize the great desire to unify the world. 2. Build your own dynasty, recruit more capable people to serve you and let them help you manage the empire. 3. It has the bloodthirsty and varied strategy, you will start an endless journey of conquest. Game advantages 1.Learn to summarize various experiences at the end of each battle, and integrate different moves to enhance yourselves. 2.Customizable costumes to make each character look more powerful. 3.Exotic scenes and characters, the control is more sensational. Game review The rich details of Game of Sultans will immerse players in the game's plot of battles, military strategy, harem life, empire management, political intrigue and more! Players will feel the history of the development of the ancient medieval Ottoman Turkish Empire, and you are the creator of this history.
How to play
1.You should make more peasants when you play the game. Do not let the main city empty. You need firstly upgrade the main city and then upgrade the soldiers. 2.Do not use a soldier with lower level to fight a higher level of the same kind of soldiers. 3.Do not use lance soldiers to fight the building.

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