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Fishing Clash


Updated : December 13, 2021

Version :1.0.172


Developer : Ten Square Games

Edit Notes
Fishing Clash is a fun and entertaining casual game, you will enjoy the real feeling of fishing, explore thousands of fish, experience the energy of technical professional fishing equipment, use them to catch a variety of unique freshwater fish, it also includes a fun timed tournament system, you can participate in the market competition events. Let’s play the game and compete with other gamers on the leaderboard! Catch hundreds of different kinds of fish The fishing grounds are so rich that players can always find a wide variety of different fish after retrieving the hook. At lower levels, you can catch regular fish like carp, bass and catfish. As you level up, visit more amazing spots, and equip yourself with rare lures, sooner or later you'll be able to show off your catches of giant bony tongues, sharks, and other monsters of the sea! Compete with other players in real-time PVP! If you like competitions, then this is the perfect fishing game for you! In Fishing Clash, players can play a variety of PVP game modes: challenges, tournaments and daily events are just the beginning! Every day you can challenge yourself in offline play: catch rare fish and win exclusive rewards! You can also actively engage socially and interact with other fishing players. Beautiful fishing grounds Visit numerous fishing grounds throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia. Players begin their journey in Florida, then head to Alabama's largest lake, Guntersville. The next stop is Alaska's most popular sport fishing destination - the Kenai River, which is particularly famous for its salmon and rainbow trout. After that, you can also head to the Amazon River, the Nile River and many other elaborate and beautiful fisheries.


Developer Notes
Fishing clash is the most realistic fishing simulation game, players can carry out fishing simulation in different lakes, each fish has a different value, you can enjoy the fun of simulation fishing in different maps! Sell your daily harvest to others for gold and buy better fishing gear and enjoy the fun of online fishing with other friends! Complete your fishing career and become a member of the fishing leaderboard! Game Features 1. Compete with real players in real time! You can compete with your opponents for exclusive rewards. 2. Choose the right fishing gear and enjoy your fishing time. Unlock new fishing grounds, try more species of fish and challenge new missions. 3. Enjoy the realistic 3D interface! Interact in the fishery with realistic animation effects. 4. Don't miss the time trials. Enjoy new weekly game sessions and get involved in competitive tournaments. Game highlights 1. Enjoy a variety of different fishing modes and gameplay with new weekly game sessions and competitive competitions 2. Enjoy a realistic 3D fishing experience in the game, interacting in a realistic animated fishing field. 3. Beautiful and fresh cartoon graphics style, easy and quiet fishing experience, you can enjoy the rare moment of peace in the game. 4. The game's music is excellent, the whispering music makes your heart calm down instantly. Game review Let’s experience the most fun fishing mode! Each fishing battle you complete will give you a boost in experience, and the game's fishing gear is leveled and unlocked! You can upgrade your level and ability to buy more fishing gear and then you can have a chance to catch more rare fish creatures!
How to play
How to choose the fishing ground In "Fishing Clash", you will have the opportunity to go to the top fishing grounds around the world, and the realistic graphics make you feel like you are really there! There are currently seven fishing grounds. At the place where you select the fish, click into it and you can see the display of all the fishing grounds. For example, the first fishing ground you go to after entering the game is [Florida Coast], which has abundant fish. When you reach a certain level, your fishing ground will be unlocked. When you unlock a new fishing ground, you will get a series of fresh fishing tasks. Each time you complete a fishing quest, you'll be rewarded with a different quest!

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