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Farming Simulator 20


Updated : July 16, 2021

Version :


Developer : GIANTS Software

Edit Notes
Farming simulator 20 is the twentieth installment of the farming simulator hand game series. From the name, we can see that this is a business game about farming, simulating a realistic farm environment, as well as realistic planting and breeding system, welcome to experience.The game is mainly based on harvesting various crops, taking care of cattle, sheep, pigs and other livestock, and now there is a new way to play to explore the vast land around the fields on horseback. Go to the lively market and sell your crops, the money earned can be used to invest in additional machinery and expand the farm.In Farming Simulator 20, you can control over 100 machines and tools that faithfully represent the leading brands on the market. This is your kingdom, so use your ingenuity and introduce the right tools to reform your farm and earn more money.


Developer Notes
The game gives players access to over 100 realistic implements and tools from the farm equipment dealer, and the driver's seat view allows you to drive the implements in a more realistic way.A variety of crops can be planted and harvested: wheat, barley, oats, rape, sunflower, soybeans, corn, potato beets and cotton.You can not only go to work in the field realistically, but also have fun interacting with your own cattle and horses; feed cattle and sheep to produce and sell milk and wool, take care of horses, and explore the world around the farm at will on horseback.The 3D engine is used to simulate the whole world of farming, the animals, buildings and crops are very realistic.The game is also very easy to operate, and players can quickly get the hang of it, because there are still a lot of fun places waiting to be explored.
How to play
1, Players in the game can choose the male or female protagonist, and can even recruit male and female assistants. 2, Tthe game is a sandbox game play, players in the game will be managing a large map of the farm. In addition to their own farms, players can drive trains to transport sales to other game scenes 3, The vehicle is also quite rich, many global well-known brands, such as Lamborghini and so on. 4, The game has a lot of interactive details of the play set elements, and even support M

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