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Epic Seven


Updated : October 21, 2021

Version :1.0.409


Developer : Smilegate Megaport

Edit Notes
Epic Seven will be based on the theme of the protagonists' troubles and choices, leading players to delve into the main plot of the worldview and story background, and it will also carry a variety of levels for players to freely explore the adventure, as well as the alchemy system that can strengthen equipment, camping system that can be used to restore physical strength or switch other functions, and other rich unique content. In addition, these characters have their own personal storyline and other elements, so that players can enjoy the most magnificent and gorgeous battle and adventure in this work! In epic7, each character will have an established and exclusive personal story plot, and the game will also be different from the common RPG today, such as strengthening, evolution and limit breakthrough training system, because we will be more in-depth character training type to present, and through these teams combined with the location system to create an interesting form of combat, I believe that players can experience a new game concept in the future.


Developer Notes
Epic Seven is an action game with beautiful picture, players play the characters are secondary, this game is also the same, each story is unique, it is a very interesting game. In addition to all the movements of the characters in the game will be fully animated which will provide players with a more realistic and exciting story experience. At the same time, the official development, for the 2d game specially enhanced, even in 4k resolution screen can have high quality and perfect visual performance of the game engine, to provide players with the most gorgeous and exciting animated combat performance! You need to defeat all the large bosses, from which you can effectively get a lot of icons; different icons can cause additional damage to the boss, these damages are different, and then you should see how you will be better to fight again and again; and as you enhance, the power of all magic is needed to quickly enhance, so as to play a huge energy. The game can be simple to control, which is suitable for all ages of players, excellent game engine will bring you more realistic dream battlefield, rich character development mode allows you to summon more powerful combat heroes, and each hero has a different cool ultimate move, the original story plot and mission direction allows you to more in-depth understanding of the game's background story. Let’s enjoy more passionate Battle duel. As probably the first work to make the entire game into an animated CG, Epic Seven undoubtedly has the most unique and gorgeous hand game visual effects on the market today, the practice of relying on plot-driven gameplay also makes the game quite good, if players friends recently can not find any fun card game, If you can't find any fun card game, then the new game sauce highly recommend you this Epic Seven, at least in the early stage you can get not bad fun.
How to play
First of all, the boss mechanism, one side: players have immunity stealth, they need to clear three pawns, boss stealth contact to cause normal damage, otherwise injury reduction is very powerful Recommended priority selection of wood aoe, the boss comes with immunity, the pawn will counter damage is very low novice recommended directly on three aoe role, wood priority, the more wood speed buff the higher The second side:they need to ensure that their own two buffs or more, otherwise the boss will be on the specific debuff to reduce blood on the line, the recommended optimal role of the saint, no papaya water milk can also replace the papaya up, this period, the output role is best any wood system, but Landy is better, there can be used, no Sid, etc. can really no glasses, small water spur is also an alternative, slightly higher practice requirements Three side note, do not put three debuff, the boss did not directly clear all debuff, three side boss is very brittle, output enough cases can be directly second, armor-breaking hand with the fight to kill the boss within three rounds

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