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Dungeon Village 2


Updated : August 23, 2021

Version :1.2.5


Developer : Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

Edit Notes
Dungeon Village 2The game is a very fun pixel management game, in which you will carry out your town business, a variety of services used to attract adventurers to settle in the town, to increase the prosperity of the town, and then expand the scale of business, the game, the player in the village of adventurers to defeat monsters will get the corresponding rewards, complete the task of exploring the maze and crusade against the legions of monsters will also get powerful equipment and items, you can also sell these valuable goods to the shop for money. These valuable items can be sold to the store for money.As the game progresses, you can use alchemy when you get the "Magic Fou", and you will get powerful equipment and other rewards when you put the items you get from the quests and stores into the Magic Fou. Aim for the town you love most as an adventurer!


Developer Notes
It's a game that Cairo fans are looking forward to, creating a town where warriors and merchants live!If your village becomes rich overnight, adventurers will have to set up houses and settle down!In the game you need to build a village of heroes, fighters and merchants can call home!Toss into the cauldron items obtained from missions or stores and your arsenal may receive a rare addition.Games Combat School and Magic Lab build training facilities to hone your hero's resident skills and increase the popularity of the village.With a brand new "Cauldron" feature, you can also test your knowledge of alchemy.
How to play
Build your own village and provide a variety of high quality and high level services to the adventurers to earn more profit Get high ratings from adventurers to increase the popularity of your village and attract more people to it Hire talents to make your village earn more money even when it is offline Adventurers living in the village will be rewarded for defeating monsters, and will also get powerful equipment and items after completing the quests of exploring the maze and crushing the leg

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