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Dancing Race


Updated : September 29, 2021

Version :2.0.1



Edit Notes
Dancing Race game is a casual game as the theme of the breakthrough parkour up hand game. Continuously come to this map inside and start to collect the map appears high heels, improve their height, so as to successfully avoid obstacles, but each time will consume high heels, players have to eat all the high heels on the road to be able to yo, together to pass it. There are many props that players can use, the use of these things, to help you easily cross a lot of obstacles. Wear shoes to carry out the task of breaking through, and can not fall down, the late game play is still very rich.


Developer Notes
Dancing Race is a 3D cartoon style fun parkour game, the game you can control their characters in different scenes of parkour adventure, you can continue to collect more long bamboo poles so that their height can continue to stack, experience a variety of different fun play operation, you can carry out a variety of fun adventure, and complete a series of challenges.It is a fun stilts leisure parkour breakthrough game, the players canfree challenge different tasks, and it is very happy.There are a lot of level tasks and play mode, you can try at will, experience the wonderful game process.flexible fingertip operation, play more tasks, accumulate experience, smooth breakthroughs, rewards.Flexible fingertip operation, play more tasks, accumulate experience, smooth breakthroughs, rewards.“Dancing Race" is a fun casual free-to-play game by AMANOTES PTE LTD that combines music and parkour gameplay. Players play as female characters in fashionable costumes and collect various boots soles in the levels according to the rhythm to show their dance moves on the final stage. Although it is officially classified as a music game, but it is really an authentic action parkour game.Dancing Race features.1, You can deal with a variety of different difficulties, the courage to take risks to challenge the strength of each different, You can feel the most exciting operation.2, Unlock different clothing to dress up, feel more interesting play experience, a series of operational experience.3, The operation of the game is also extremely simple, you can feel more fun to play, experience more new game parkour adventure.
How to play
Hold and drag to collect as many heels as you can. Think that it’s easy? You wish. The more you cross the levels, the harder the game will be. Walls to jump, rails on the roof where you have to spread your legs and slide - that’s just half of the amazing world which is waiting for you.

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