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Clash Royale


Updated : November 10, 2021

Version :3.2729.1


Developer : Supercell

Edit Notes
Clash Royale, a game with elements of real-time strategy, MOBA, and cards by Finnish game company Supercell, was released on the App Store on January 4, 2016. The game is based on the characters and worldview of Clash of Clans. In the game, players need to enhance their combat power by constantly opening treasure chests to obtain cards, and then match battles with other online players. As the trophies are upgraded, the arena of different venues is opened. On May 14, 2018, "Battle Royal" was selected as an eSports performance event for the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta. In Clash Royale, cards are upgraded by collecting the same cards and fusing them to upgrade the card level. The source of the cards is mainly by opening the various types of treasure chests obtained in the game or store purchases, you can use the time CD to open treasures, but also can use gems to open. Card level will increase the corresponding properties will also increase, up to upgrade to level 13 cards, the game through the level 13 mirror can copy the level 14 card. In addition to the cards can be upgraded, player level and defense tower level, through the tribe to donate cards, upgrade cards, complete tasks, etc. to gain experience, upgrade the level, each level of defense tower damage and blood attributes increase, up to 13 levels.


Developer Notes
Clash Royale is a fun strategy game with beautiful fresh graphics and medieval cartoon style, in which players need to control their own army to complete the battle mission. With elements of Clash Royale in the production of some strategic push tower game, players need to assign soldiers in the line to push out the opponent's castle. - A variety of powerful cards, play a deep strategy Whether it's the baby dragon, the heroic prince, the lightning bolt, the fireball, or the distinctive barracks building, you'll be all in control. Download Clash Royale and design your battle deck with great strategy and action to beat your opponents and win trophies! - Three minutes of fair play and real-time global battles Destroy your opponent's king tower, win treasure chests to unlock rewards, and win glory in the world rankings! - Join Clans for a game with your friends! Join the tribe, share cards, and have a private showdown with your tribe mates. Now you can also spar with your friends for tactics and create your own battle circle. - Open Royal TV and enjoy the top matchups The game has built-in exciting dueling videos, so no matter what stage you are in, you can watch the best matches for yourself first, learn new and exciting playing routines, and become a great player the fastest! - New mode, continuously updated With fun King's Cup challenges, fair and exciting tournament duels, and more new cards and game modes continuously updated. Game Highlights: 1.Join other players' tribes or create your own tribe and invite your friends to join. 2.Participate in tribal battles with tribe members and compete with other tribes around the world. 3.Use defensive facilities such as cannons, arrow towers, mortars, invisible bombs, invisible springs and walls to defend villages. 4.Sweep through the goblin kingdom and defeat the king of goblins. 5.With different troops, spells and heroes to try various unique tactics. 6.Friendship war with friends, with other tribes in the tribal friendship war to cut skills, and a variety of special events waiting for you to participate. 7.Clash of clans training different types of soldiers, and constantly upgrade the soldiers. Game features: ● Participate in tribal battles with your tribe members and compete against other tribes. ● Test your fighting skills and prove your prowess in the highly competitive Tribal Battle League. ● Participate in tribal competitions and work together with your tribe members to win powerful magic items. ● Use different types of troops, spells and heroes, and try out different combinations of troops and unique tactics. ● Play with a large number of elite players and climb to the top of the legendary league rankings. ● Collect resources, plunder enemy villages and upgrade your defenses to make your home village impregnable. ● Use cannons, mortars, arrows, invisible bombs, traps, walls, and other defenses to defend your home village. ● Unlock epic heroes - Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Guardian, Flying Shield Warlord and War Machine. ● Upgrade troops, spells and siege machines in the lab to build a stronger army. ● Play intra-clan friendly battles or compete with other clans in clan friendly battles, with special events to help you get a unique player experience. ● Watch clan members attack and defend in real-time or on replay. ● Defeat the Goblin King by sweeping through the Goblin Kingdom in single player mode. ● Learn new tactics and try different combinations of armies and tribal reinforcements in practice mode. ● Embark on a journey to the master builder's base and explore the mysterious world of new buildings and characters. ● Forge the strongest Master Builder base defense and defeat your opponents in a matchup. ● Get exclusive hero skins and scenarios to create a unique hometown village with Clash of Clans download and install. The main gameplay is to push the tower against the line, players can summon monsters and spells through the cards, attack the other side of the castle, until one side pushed the other side of the main castle is destroyed, and then it will win, the game to the theme of strategic warfare, through the continuous opening of the treasure chest to obtain the cards to enhance their combat power, and then match with thousands of players to fight. As the trophies continue to rise, different arenas will be opened.
How to play
Players can choose 8 cards from their own library to form their own "battle deck", players can save up to 10 battle decks, and then choose a deck they want to play. The matchmaking system will search for other players with similar trophies for the player. At the beginning of the match, the cards selected for the battle deck will appear in the card slot randomly (four types of cards will appear in the card slot at the same time, and the next card will be displayed next to the card slot), and each player will initially have 5 drops of holy water (holy water grows with time, up to 10 drops of holy water). During the battle, drag the cards and consume the holy water to summon the cards to the position for battle, only on your own position in the early stage, if you push out the enemy's two flanking princess towers can expand the summoning range. Each side has 1 king tower and 2 princess towers. Destroy 1 princess tower and get 1 crown, destroy the king tower (main tower) and get all 3 crowns. The maximum duration of all game modes is 5 minutes. The 1st and 2nd minutes are 1x holy water, the 3rd and 4th minutes 2x holy water. Overtime lasts 2 minutes and is sudden death mode (destroying the opponent's tower will directly win the match), the last minute of overtime will become 3x holy water. At the end of 5 minutes, the decisive moment will be reached: at the end of the match, the side with the lowest life value of a single Royal Tower will lose the match.

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