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Clash of Clans


Updated : August 17, 2021

Version :14.93.11


Developer : Supercell

Edit Notes
Clash-of-Clans is a groundbreaking war strategy game, it will be strategic planning and fast-paced combat into one, in peacetime you have to develop their own base, well developed you can send your army to attack the city to seize resources, at the same time you also need to build fortifications to resist the invasion of other players, in short, this game is in the attack and defense to get The ultimate thrill. You can join a tribe and get promoted in the tribe by virtue of military achievements; you can also create your own tribe and establish your supremacy as king, of course, the sense of achievement of creating your own tribe is not available by joining a tribe. The first step to success is to drive away the goblin thieves, your task will never end until your tribe dominates the world!The game's picture quality is excellent, the picture is not only detailed and very full of color, and its whole painting style looks like children's toys, there is a real feeling of playing war toys. The game is also very attentive in terms of music, when in the home base, the music style presents a peaceful atmosphere, while in the battle the music changes to a group of exciting style, quite suitable for a variety of different game state, and no matter what kind of music is very good. Build your own village, form your own tribe, and participate in the battle. If you like it, you can't miss it!


Developer Notes
Clash of Clans is a tower defense strategy game developed by the Finnish game company Supercell Oy, which was officially launched on September 24, 2015. The game tells the story of the tribes fighting countless battles for resources and land. Players can build buildings such as training camps, barracks and walls for their villages, to grow their army strength and protect their villages, while they can invade other tribes to plunder more resources and make their armies stronger. The game tells the story of goblins, barbarians, giants and other tribes, in order to compete for resources and land, to maintain the long-term development of the tribe, and constantly launched countless battles, players can play the role of the tribe leader, from the village to build training camps, barracks, walls and other buildings, to expand the strength of their tribe, to prevent the invasion of other tribes. At the same time, it also can invade other tribes, plundering more resources, making their own tribe stronger. Clash of Clans compared to the night world and the first world of the painting style, players can take a very obvious feeling, the visual effects of the night world, there will be some dream and cartoon feeling, plus COC is originally very fresh style, multi-type handheld games rarely use this element of night, so no matter what players make in the night world, the night world of the picture sense, it is easy to be caused. Overall, "clash of clans" is a game with exquisite graphics, realistic sound effects, simple operation and rich content, but the more pitiful place, is the building upgrade time is too long, as well as the game cost slightly expensive. Clash of Clans as a strategy mobile game, with its exquisite graphics and rich gameplay, has won the recognition of players around the world.
How to play
The core gameplay of Clash Of Clans has three main parts: collecting resources, building and training, and fighting. Since players enter the game with different motives, these three parts have different importance, which brings different types of player classification for that game. 1, Lattice formation: in clash of clans handicap, lattice formation is considered one of the divine formations. The defensive ability of the grid array is very strong, for the prevention of pushing flat three stars is very useful, while the periphery of the grid array placed mortar, so as to improve the grid array AOE damage, yes the grid array can defend can attack. 2, Fish array: fish array is actually a kind of lattice array, from the lattice array extended out of the god array. The layout of the fish array looks very regular, only used to know the effect of the fish array, that the fish array is better than the lattice array. 3, Guide array: the recommended third god array is guide array, guide array is characterized by traps. The trap can prevent the loser flow and sky fat flow. 4, Protect the black formation: the reason why it is called the protection of black formation, because this formation is based on the protection of black water

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