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Brawl Stars


Updated : December 22, 2021

Version :41.150


Developer : Supercell

Edit Notes
Brawl Stars is a multiplayer real-time battle game made by Supercell. On December 12, 2018, Brawl Stars was launched globally. On June 9, 2020 at 10:00, Brawl Stars landed on App Store and Android app store. Brawl Stars is a 3V3 competitive game in which players manipulate various heroes on a well-designed map and cooperate with their teammates to get victory. Players will operate various heroes in Brawl Stars and compete according to different map. The game team has designed a variety of game modes, combining the popular tactical survival and other gameplay, while shaping a variety of game characters and various forms of combat maps. In its main 3V3 Gem Brawl mode, players need to play together with their teammates to grab the gems and guard against enemy counterattacks. And it incorporates battle royale elements, players have to single-handedly fight with the remaining nine enemies until they become the final victor. There is even a 3V3 soccer match. These are extremely test the player's mastery of the hero, skill release, positioning and understanding of the map, every small mistake may affect the entire battle. The unlocking of heroes in Brawl Stars is divided into four ways: the road of honor to enhance the rewards, the probability of obtaining in the treasure chest, the purchase of gems and the reward of the 30th paragraph of the golden ticket of the Brawl. The rarity of the heroes are: colorful, legendary, mythical, epic, ultra-rare, rare, and path of honor. The rarity of the heroes will change with the change of the theme season. At the end of each thematic season, the rarity of the hero will drop by one level until it reaches Epic rarity.


Developer Notes
Brawl Stars is a fun competitive game, in a limited map, players will be divided into two camps to compete for public resources, the first to get enough resources players will win, guard their own resources, grab each other's resources. If you are interested in this game, come and experience it. Game features 1、Gem Brawl (3v3): You should collect and hold 10 gems to win, if you are knocked down by your opponent, you will lose all the gems you hold. 2、Wilderness Duel (single/double): Survival mode, fight to the end. Collect energy blocks and strengthen your hero. Team up with your friends or go solo and become the last survivor in the battle arena! The winner is the king! 3、Vault Attack and Defense (3v3): Protect our safe while destroying the enemy's safe. Infiltrate the enemy's position, clear the obstacles and take the enemy's treasures. 4、Football (3v3): An unprecedented fights mode! Show off your skills on the green field and win by scoring two goals first. Game highlights 1、The gameplay is very interesting, unbeatable and exciting. 2、The graphics are in retro pixel style, very unique. 3、Many different challenge modes, bring you a new experience. Game content In Brawl Stars, you can team up with friends, or be a lone hero to play a variety of modes, and win or lose in 3 minutes. With a wide variety of heroes to unlock and upgrade, you can win with a variety of super skills! Game review With a smooth and comfortable feel, rich and varied gameplay, and a distinctive character system with different abilities, Brawl Stars brings the competitiveness and fun of a strategy game to the extreme. As Supercell's fifth game, the excellent quality and gameplay of "Brawl Stars" is enough to foresee that it will undoubtedly become the next explosive game after "Clash of Clans" and "War of Royals".
How to play
Brawl stars is a real-time 3V3 multiplayer shooter game with four game modes. Bounty: collect stars by destroying opponents. Smash & Grab: retrieve crystals in the middle of the map, the first team to collect 10 crystals and successfully hold them will win. Heist: Open the chests protected by the opposing team and grab the items. Showdown: Ten players fight in a shrinking arena, and the last one who survives wins.

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