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Blue Archive


Updated : November 5, 2021

Version :1.35.115378


Developer : NEXON Company

Edit Notes
Blue archive is a secondary role-playing game developed by Nat Games, there are a number of secondary girls in the game, players can communicate with these girls, unlock a new plot, each character's plot is interrelated, as the plot continues to deepen, the player will be able to slowly understand the game's the world view, the plot direction will become more and more clearly visible, players can command these beautiful girls to fight. The new Japanese system to create a combat game, the characters are shown in the form of cards, there are a lot of ways to get, according to the different stars and quality, the attributes of the card characters have a large difference; the main plot is also worth up to experience, in the gorgeous secondary world to start the adventure of the battle so wonderful. The most high level of painting style, eye-catching expression, special effects and sound effects are incomparable excellent, the character's drawing is also super good-looking, each is originally high value, drawing is more exquisite and gorgeous. 1.The campus to the new upgraded storyline new feeling, the sense of immersive graphics to give you the experience to enhance. 2.Friends together online, dispatch their own combat main lineup, do not be afraid to deal with new opponents, really bad can also call foreign players. 3.Become the teacher of the students, together with the secondary innocent girls to deal with the modern city of various vicious events. 4.Different battle tasks to carry out, many new character roles to battle, the upgrade work experience may be more and more.


Developer Notes
Blue Archive is a second-generation beauty game, the game background set in a city called Kivotos, where there are many schools, in the school there are a lot of cute beauty girls, but the beauty of the place also more trouble, the school set up a federal investigation department, and the player has to play one of the members. Blue Archive previously originated from a project called "Project MX" released in February this year, developed by Nat Games, which is an RPG game focusing on "School x Youth x Story". Players will take on the role of a teacher and guide students through various events. The game features anime style visuals and a popular story with 3D graphics. From the limited number of tweets released by the official Twitter, it is also revealed that the story will be assisted by an artificial intelligence girl "Arona". The perfect retention of the route high-quality level, and also added a cool 3d special effects. The dozens of lovely girls in the Japanese version of the Blue File not only have unique drawings and features, while the exclusive skills will provide you with more ways to play, friends need to collect the clues obtained in tandem, they will guide friends to the location of the "world fragment". Blue Archive Features 1.3D battles with cute characters 2.Powerful 3D real-time battles! Cute characters are very active when the screen is full screen. As a teacher, command your students! 3.High quality 2D animations colored for unique characters 4.Beautiful girl characters with beautiful 2D animations! 5.Strengthen the bond with your students and spend a special day with them! 6.The more time you spend with them, the stronger the bond between them and you will be. These girls' days together are sure to make your everyday life special! Blue Archive highlights 1. Super luxury voice cast, experience the perfect plot. 2. Realistic combat, feel the sense of the scene full of tension. 3. Powerful Chinese and Japanese artists, beautiful painting style, shaping a variety of charming girls. 4. Raise and collect lovely girls, rich elements for you to discover. 5. The theme of the game is very new, the other world and good campus together, a lot of different things will go on. 7.School, youth, city, story, animal ears, guns, beautiful girls to meet the fantasy of players. Blue Archive advantage Binary style allows players to feel the youthful atmosphere in the game, the main theme is as a teacher players need to lead the super girls to complete a variety of tasks. A variety of different super girls have different abilities, each super girl has a different way of fighting which can bring players more choices, a large number of different combat challenges so that players can enjoy a new game fun.
How to play
This is essentially the battle mode of PCR. The game's selling point is the original painting and the shibboleth dynamic drawing. Striker and Special. the former is directly in the battlefield to participate in the battle of students; the latter is a support role, can use the role itself ex skills, indirectly involved in the level of battle. The top right of the battle page is: the current number of enemies, and the time left in the level. At the bottom right of the battle page. 1. the upper left corner of each student icon has the cost of using the ex skill. 2. Below the student icon is the current cost value, which is used to launch the student's ex-skill and will naturally recover over time. 3. To the right of the cost value are the battle speed (1x speed, 2x speed, and 3x speed), auto (automatic battle, students' skills will be released automatically.) After the mini level: the game will automatically return to the level page, teachers need to click on the “action end” logo at the bottom right to end the students' actions this round. After the teachers end the round: the enemy's turn to take action, the boss and the rest of the enemy troops may move and actively attack the teachers' team. This happens mainly after the teachers are able to send 2 teams of students to fight in the level.

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