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Battleheart Legacy


Updated : September 17, 2019

Version :1.5.3


Developer : Mika Mobile

Edit Notes
Battleheart Legacy is a role-playing game. The game follows the genes of previous games, but the game will be significantly different from its predecessor in terms of innovative systems. The game will begin with combat, and "Legacy" is a huge, non-linear RPG with more plot and exploration instead of the monotonous upgrades of the past. The game's controls have also changed, because the battlefield will be presented in gorgeous 3D, and the combat will become more intelligent. Another change is that in this game, players will only be able to use one hero, however, the "developable protagonist" can be matched with any skill in the game, each player can play their own characteristics. This is the official sequel to the classic game "Battle Hearts", with increased graphics and gameplay based on the previous game. The game will add 10 new random scenes to fully meet the needs of players. At the same time, the opening of the endless mode will also allow the game to have a longer life. Reasonable matching heroes, win more powerful combat equipment, and form their own strongest battle heart squad. The game largely follows the simple and intuitive operation of the previous game, in the equipment system, it not only has the attribute and occupation respectively, but also increased the appearance of each piece of equipment display.


Developer Notes
Game features 1.Move and fight with simple actions, bide your time and unleash your skills 2.Well-designed real-time combat system based on the award-winning "Battleheart". 3.A total of 12 professions and 150 characters to choose from, with a unique multi-tier system and an unlimited number of combinations. 4.Enjoy a visual feast with unparalleled animations and visual effects! 5.Over 200 unique equipment combinations, choose the individual fight style that suits your character. 6.Withstand incredible boss battles and complete the heroic test! Game review This is a very good role-playing game with excellent 3D graphics. The game contains five basic professions: warrior, mage, thief, hunter, paladin, and two hidden professions: ninja and barbarian. The game is different from other RPG games, a very interesting place is that this game is not strictly professional division, the game to learn what skills completely by the player's own decision, that is you can learn both hunter skills, but also learn the skills of warriors, thieves, etc., so you can develop a magic and martial arts profession out. But be aware that when it comes to the distribution of skill points obtained after upgrading, the different distribution will directly affect the skills that players can learn in the career tutor, so which direction you want to go, be sure to look at the attribute requirements needed for that career skill first. Battleheart Legacy is also full of wisdom and strategy when it comes to combat settings. The game map looks like an old parchment treasure map, through which players can quickly move between towns and levels at any time. In the process of moving, there is also the possibility of triggering random events, which is also common in adventure games. In the level battle, players can reasonably match various skills according to the monsters and the terrain of the level, so your creativity becomes infinite possibilities. And the game skills not only special effects do very well, and release is also very smooth. Battleheart Legacy is like a dream maker, it is the player's own game world.
How to play
The difficulty of the game can be set in the system menu, the lowest difficulty with unlimited potions, the highest difficulty with a significant bonus to enemy life and attack, players are free to choose as needed to get the most satisfying experience. The thrill of battle and the sense of combat is very perfect in place. The special effects of skills and synergistic sound effects create a gorgeous and smooth combat sensation, and I think the game should have more room to operate after the character's movement speed and attack frequency are greatly increased in the later stages of the game. With the corresponding, naturally, is more exciting combat graphics.

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