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Bad North Jotunn Edition


Updated : February 4, 2021

Version :2.00.18


Developer : Raw Fury

Edit Notes
Your home is under attack, the king is dead at the hands of Viking invaders. Hope is a shimmering light in a fog that is fading fast. As you grow stronger and succeed your father in power, it's your turn to deploy your defenses. But this is not a fight for victory, but for survival. Lead your desperate people, defend your quiet and peaceful island nation against the Viking invaders, and command your loyal subjects to take full advantage of each island's geography as a tactical advantage. Everything is at stake: fail and watch the blood of your people stain the land. It's brutal and cruel, with beautiful procedural generated islands and lovely soldiers juxtaposed against the bloody reality of war. You control the wide-ranging action of battle, issuing orders to high-level soldiers who will do their best to execute them in the heat of the moment. It's deep enough to obscure dynamic combat simulations with simple player input, thus engaging new players while challenging veterans.


Developer Notes
Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a captivating and brutal real-time strategy game for PC and Mac that features many contents, offering new gameplay elements and systems including the ability to select and activate commanders, optional hero traits with unique attributes for each commander, four new items and more. A new enemy type has also been added to give your defenders another threat to worry about. During the game, players will need to play as the owner of an island that has suffered an invasion by Viking tribes, resolutely leading their people to resist the foreign enemy and fully exploit every geographical advantage of the island. The game requires players to deploy in real time according to the war, and in the course of the battle the commander loses everything if he dies. Players need to always remember to take advantage of the unique layout of each island, strategic planning from all sides, command your loyal subjects to make full use of the geographical advantages of each island as a tactical advantage. At the same time, players will be here to use a variety of ways to guard their territory, using a variety of ways to enhance your city land, when their city becomes rich and strong, access to resources and population will become more and you can recruit a variety of soldiers to fight for themselves. The more land you acquire, the more tests you will face and the more battles you will have with other countries. With a strong and flexible defense, the game will also bring you a lot of gains, and you can use these resources to make your people even better! Game features: Intelligent unit control: You command the defense and deploy it - your soldiers are responsible for other matters and react directly to the current situation. Real-time tactical ROGUELITE game: marshal your troops to defend against the Vikings, who are free to respond to threaten your deployment. Choose your battles and carefully plan retreat shifts! Commanders can't come back from the dead; lose everything, game over! Unlock upgrades: Stronger and smarter defenses will bring more rewards. Use these to train your subjects from a bunch of scattered militia to experienced warriors. Procedurally generated islands: Each island has a charming style and unique layout. You'll have to plan strategically from every aspect, because you only have one chance to save them from enemy invasion. Game highlights: 1. The game allows players to make temporary adjustments after a handful of battles and choose the right type of troops to resist the enemy invasion. 2. Players can freely upgrade the ability of various types of soldiers, making the battle easier and simpler. 3. The strategic battle mode tests the player's combination of soldier types and the reasonable choice of soldier types to defeat the opponent. 4. Defend your last kingdom, there are some levels waiting for you. 5. Each battle is a new island, the enemy attack will continue to change the way. 6. Choose wisely to recruit soldiers to meet the battle, to defeat the invading enemy to get victory.
How to play
Strategically deployed and effectively defended. Each island is charmingly styled and uniquely laid out, with beautiful procedurally generated islands and lovely soldiers in stark contrast to the brutal warfare. You'll have to strategically plan every aspect of the game, because you only have one chance to save them from enemy invasion. Raise the most outstanding army. You control the battle, give advanced orders to your soldiers, stronger and smarter defenses will bring more rewards, use these to raise your subjects from a bunch of loose militia to experienced warriors. Real-time tactical Roguelike. Vikings free countermeasures to threaten your deployment, random elements full of challenges, choose your battles and carefully plan retreats shift! The commander can not come back from the dead, lose everything, game over! Fight, warriors! Not for power, wealth or glory, only the hope that peace will once again come to this desperate land.

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